The Best Cafes in Condesa, Mexico City

The colonia of Condesa in Mexico City is good for many things, but I would argue one of its finest assets is the copious amounts of outstanding Condesa cafes.

If you don’t know already, there are endless Mexico City cafes in every neighborhood from Juarez to Escandon, Centro, Roma, Polanco, Coyoacan, and San Angel. Many of the third-wave, specialty coffee shops and hipster restaurants are in Roma Norte, while you can expect prettier, classier cafes in La Condesa CDMX.

Not only are the venues here lovely but you’re surrounded by parks. Grab a cup of joe to go and wander in Parque Mexico or Parque Espana. The dream day!

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The best cafes in Condesa, Mexico City

I decided to leave out the digital nomad haven that is Blend Station and some of the very well-known spots like Chiquitito Cafe and Madre Cafe in favor of some lesser-known but highly lovely Condesa coffee shops and cafes.

Here’s a list of the best of the best, with one for every kind of cafe-goer, including the best coffee in Condesa (priorities!)…

Seven Buddhas Cafe, Condesa – one for the health enthusiast

seven buddhas condesa coffee shop
Toast and juice at my favorite Condesa cafe

Seven Buddhas is a fab option for a post-workout healthy brunch. The menu is based on foods that will balance out your chakras and energy. I was pretty skeptical about this, but regardless of whether or not my green juice did indeed steady my root chakra, it was damn tasty. In fact, the juices and smoothies are the highlight of this Condesa cafe.

The food is also of high quality and mainly includes toasties, topped toasts, smoothie bowls, fruit bread, and energy balls. 

Go check out this healthy stop right down next to Parque España in the heart of Condesa.

Amanda Manda, Condesa – one for the Spanish student

No one talks about Amanda Manda but it’s such a hidden gem. Amanda is the talent behind this cafe in Colonia Condesa and she’s come up with some pretty unique dishes such as ‘chilaquiles con cochinita’, basically my two favorite Mexican dishes (chilaquiles and cochinita pibil) combined. The sweet potato chips are another highlight, as are the cute palm drink stirrers. 

Also, the staff are simply fab! They were forgiving of my questionable Spanish and the waiter even wrote me up a verb conjugation table on a napkin to help me. Free Spanish lesson? I’ll take it!

Huset – one for the Instagrammer

Huset is probably one of the most beautiful settings for brunch in Mexico City. Walk through the plant-littered restaurant with overhanging plant ceiling to reach your table, which undoubtedly will be immaculately set. 

All ingredients are sourced from local farms, and you can really taste it! The freshness is unmatched and the flavors bond together to form a memorable brunch/cafe experience. Those looking for coffee in Condesa will be happy, too, because there’s is excellent.

I’d recommend Huset for groups as it’s full of long tables which allow for co-working and easy conversation.

Boicot Cafe, Condesa – one for the cold coffee connoisseur

Boicot Cafe on the Hippodrome is a goldmine of interesting cold brew fusions with coffee originating from the state of Veracruz. But it’s their unique flavors that do it for me. The Café Brujo of Oaxacan chocolate, mint, and coffee is great if you have a sweet tooth.

Their food ranges from Argentinian empanadas to traditional Mexican breakfasts. But you absolutely cannot leave without trying one of the braided breads. The flavours change every day and each one seems to trump the last. Braided bread + the best cold coffee in Condesa = ideal morning.

Frituur, Condesa – the one for the waffle devotee

Frituur lunch and baked goods
Waffles and coffee in Condesa

Interestingly, Frittur blurs Dutch, Belgian, and Mexican flavors together. And the outcome is pretty unforgettable as you might imagine. For starters, the decor is beautiful (think Art Deco in teal and mustard).

Then the menu is even better; pick from savory waffles with pastrami, rocket, and mozzarella or sweet waffles with the all-hailed Speculoos spread, biscuits, and raspberries. Why not go for both? 

The croquettes are also unmissable, especially with the assortment of Belgian dips to try from. 

Head over to Calle Campeche for a Euro-Mexican experience!

Isabella Cafe, Condesa – one for the pink pundit

This cafe in Condesa proudly perches on Calle Durango and is completely unmissable thanks to its pink princess front and seemingly matching menu. 

Isabella Cafe is best known for its interesting and interactive drinks. From foaming cocktails to whipped cream and sprinkle milkshakes, this place is ideal for a pink pick-me-up.

Amamba Cafe, Condesa – one for the salad supporter

AMAMBA’s salads changed my life. Having moved to Mexico City back in 2019, for about 2 years I threw myself into trying every piece of Mexican food I could get my hands on and that involved a hell of a lot of meat. When that phase came to an end, I found myself craving greens; AMAMBA was the answer. 

Easily one of the best cafes in Condesa for healthy types, they throw together a beautiful array of colored vegetables and accompany them with a mouth-wateringly good dressing. This, coupled with one of their healing juices (they’re a juice bar by trade), makes for a perfect change up from the heavy Mexican diet.

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Qūentin Cafe, Condesa – one for the serious coffee virtuoso

Ok, I’m just going to say it: Qūentin Cafe is home to the best coffee in Condesa, if not the whole of Mexico City! Don’t just take my word for it: every single person who I’ve introduced to this cafe agrees.

You walk into a pretty discreet-looking joint from the outside. But inside there’s a grand marble bench hosting a variety of delicious-looking pastries and beyond that, an array of expensive coffee machines with pro baristas ready to blow your mind. 

At this classy Condesa coffee shop, you can expect an assortment of coffees originating from Ethiopia to Brazil, all blended perfectly according to the bean. Grab the lemon curd-filled plait and an espresso for the perfect weekend morning, whilst you people-watch on Calle Amsterdam.

Mexico City cafes in different areas

This list of cafes in Condea is not exhaustive! And you should go further afield, too. In other areas of Mexico City, I have many favorite cafes from cool brunch places like Cafe Nin in Juarez, centuries-old establishments like Cafe Regina in Centro, and specialty coffee joints like Café Avellaneda in Coyocan. It’s a coffee wonderland out there!

Thanks for reading!

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