25 + Brunch & Breakfasts In Mexico City By A Local Foodie


Since I live here, I go out for breakfast in Mexico City probably every weekend. Whether you’re looking for somewhere fancy and elegant, quirky and cool, or cheap and cheerful, there are abundant options.

You’ll find all your classic modern brunch staples like avocado and pancakes as well as typical Mexican breakfast dishes like chilaquiles, enchiladas, enfrijoladas, and more.

Best areas for brunch in Mexico City

To break it down simply:

Polanco – fancy brunch restaurants

Condesa & Roma – cool, hipster breakfast cafes

Juarez & Escandon – hidden gems and up-and-coming places for brunch

Centro – local breakfasts. There are lots of grand institutions that have been open for decades. Expect traditional dishes rather than avocado toast and flat whites!

Best breakfast in Roma, CDMX

If you’re on the hunt for specialty coffee in Mexico City and brunch dishes like avo toast, eggs, pancakes, and waffles, Roma is for you. Made up of Roma Norte and Sur (North and South), this neighborhood is hipster heaven. In particular, Roma Norte is packed with stylish places to eat and drink.

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Don’t this these places for breakfast in Mexico City…

Panaderia Rosetta (coffee and pastries)

The question is not whether you want the most delicious pastries of your life (believe me, you do!), but whether you’re prepared to stand in line for them. The lines for this bakery and cafe on Colima (Roma Norte) stretch around the corner every day of the week but particularly on weekends.

The star dish is the guava roll but, let’s face it, nothing is less than delicious. Dreamed up by the world’s best female chef, Elena Reygadas, how could they be? Try honey and fig croissants, dulche de leche buns, ricotta lemon rolls, coffee cardamon Berliner donuts to name a few.

There’s another smaller cafe on Puebla, also in Roma Norte, where you may have better luck at getting your hands on Mexico City’s best breakfast. Both cafes have outdoor seating, or you can grab your coffee and pastry to-go.

La Ventanita (breakfast outdoors)

Beside the Fuente de Cibeles statue in Roma Norte, you’ll find two cafes together: Cancino (an excellent pizza restaurant) and La Ventanita, sharing a large outdoor area with lots of shady trees and plants. 

Ventanita serves Mexican breakfast dishes (chilaquiles, enchiladas, enfrojadas etc) and tortas. There are egg 8 dishes on the main menu and another eggs section – great for egg fans! The French toast and hotcakes may suit vegans. 

Wash it down with coffee plus colorful juices, smoothies, kombucha, matcha, and chai lattes.

Expect to pay around 180 pesos for brunch and coffee; add 40-70 for a cold drink. They just have small tables for up to 4 people so it’s not the best for big groups. 

Lalo (where the cool kids eat)

Lalo is one of the most popular places for brunch in Mexico City and, for that reason, I’d advise NOT visiting on a weekend. The line stretches around the corner!

It’s understandable people want to go because the cafe is cool and quirky with colorful wall murals, plus the food is second-to-none. The star dish in my opinion is the French toast with red berries and ice cream. 

The staff are very smart, bringing around a basket of baked goods while you’re hungrily waiting for your food. We gave in to temptation and ordered guava and lemon-stuffed cruffins (croissant-shaped muffins). Bliss!

Forte (bread and pastries)


This cool brunch cafe in Roma Norte is the hipster dream with an exposed brick exterior, specialty coffee, and freshly baked bread and pastries, piled high in the counter. 

If you’re looking for a proper brunch in Mexico City rather than coffee and pastry, Forte serve chilaquiles, breakfast bagels, and egg dishes from 8am. From 2pm onwards, sandwiches, salads, and sourdough pizzas join the menu.

The coffee’s great and there are organic wines including my favorite, orange wine! Sadly the bottles cost 750-1400 pesos which is super pricy. 

It’s suitable for solo dining, pairs or small groups: there are about 8 tables and the biggest can fit 6.

Cafe Janeiro (hidden gem)

Cafe Janeiro is a cool spot that turns into a jazz bar at night. It’s the perfect place for a relaxed breakfast in Mexico City if you haven’t booked ahead because it doesn’t get as busy as some of the other brunch places in Roma Norte.

This is a brunch that won’t break the bank: dishes start from 110 pesos. My friend and I shared the pancakes with lemon and ricotta and the torta with chorizo, egg, beans, and avocado (both were delicious) and the bill only came to 370 pesos for 2 including coffees. 

It’s in a great location beside Plaza Rio de Janeiro. Our cheap brunch became not so cheap when we started browsing (and buying) clothes and jewelry at the outdoor market beside the David statue… 

Tip – Janeiro is next to one of my favorite bars in Mexico City, Las Brujas (the Witches) with spooky, potion-themed cocktails. It’s a great spot voted one of the top 50 bars in North America!

Basico (healthy brunch)

cafe basico healthy brunch roma norte
Healthy breakfast in Roma Norte, Mexico City

I like this Mexico City brunch cafe because it’s a bit different: there’s a huge menu of healthy Mexican and international dishes with a big focus on veggie and vegan ingredients.

At Basico you can expect a clean, minimalist interior and excellent service. Whilst we were looking at the menu, the staff brought us FREE healthy shots made of strawberry, carrot, and lime.

As well as quesadillas, chilaquiles, and enchilada dishes, there are açai bowls, vegan waffles, mushroom toast, and baked goods. Great if you fancy a nice weekend brunch but want to keep it healthy. 

Tamales Doña Emi (local breakfast in Mexico City)

For a totally local breakfast in Mexico City – and not a flat white in sight – take a walk to Tamales Doña Emi, open since the 1950s. Tamales (corn dough stuffed with ingredients of your choosing and served in a corn husk) are the only dish served but, when you see the huge menu, you won’t need anything else!

Savory options include rajas (chillis) with cheese, chicken with mole or green salsa, mushrooms and cheese, chapulines (grasshopper), huitlacoche, squash flower, and so many more. For a breakfast dessert (yes, it’s a thing!), choose from blackberry and cream cheese, pineapple, and guava, amongst others.

Wash it down with a choice of flavored atole (hot drinks made from corn) from vanilla to strawberry, apple, caramel, nut, and pumpkin. 

Choose small or large tamales, none costing more than 50 pesos. It’s the cheapest breakfast in Roma! 

Constela Cafe

Despite having a reputation as a co-working cafe on weekdays, Constela is a great cafe near attractions in the Roma Norte neighborhood like the galleries, weekend markets, and Plaza Rio de Janeiro.

As well as strong coffee, kombucha, and other refreshing cold drinks like raspberry fizz, they have a solid brunch menu of avo toast, fig toast (my favorite!), and acai bowls. Co-workers can sit inside for productivity vibes while groups socializing can take one of the tables outside.

Cafe Citron

cafe citron crepes
Smoked salmon crepe

For an underrated (and affordable) brunch spot on a quiet street in Roma, check out Cafe Citron located in a vibrant pink building with outdoor seating.

There are classic brunch dishes like omelets and chilaquiles but the star dishes are the crepes. They’re huge with very generous servings of ingredients.

Choose from savoury ones like ham & cheese, smoked salmon, chicken & mushroom, and veggie, or opt for decadent sweet crepes like apple pie and red fruits. They start from 100 pesos which is good for breakfast in Roma Norte!

The coffee is decent, too. Later in the day, there are salads, sandwiches, pastas and pizza from a proper woodfire oven. 

Best breakfast in Condesa, Mexico City

If I had to describe the difference between Roma and Condesa, I’d say that Roma Norte is cooler and more quirky while Condesa is more upmarket. The Condesa coffee shops are what dreams are made of! However, the areas are right beside one another so they begin to blend into one.

My favorite places for brunch in Mexico City’s Condesa are…

Frëims (hipster brunch in Mexico City)

Frëims is one of the coolest places for breakfast in Mexico City but it’s no fad: the food is great and so is the coffee. This brunch cafe is easy on the eye with a garden strung with fairy lights, a quirky indoor bookshop, and an outdoor seating area overlooking Amsterdam’s Hippodrome. 

Star dishes are the chilaquiles simmering in a bath of salsa verde (green sauce), the delicious lemon ricotta pancakes, and the fruity French toast. The Eggs Benedict was just ok. 

Coffee starts from 50 pesos and there are boujee ones like red velvet lattes. The fresh juices are great, too. From 2-10pm, cocktails join the menu!

Word’s out on this place so expect to queue at weekends. Your best bet is visiting early or during the week, or both. 

Fruto de Raiz

Burrata toast

This chilled cafe on a quiet street in Condesa wasn’t on my radar until recently and boy, I’m glad it is now!

The topped toasts at Fruto de Raiz are phenomenal with loads of combos and luxe ingredients to choose from. I love the Italiano with burrata cheese and balsamic tomatoes (170 pesos) and the Turco with goat’s cheese and fig (130 pesos). If you are dining as a pair, I would say share those two!

They also do other dishes like chilaquiles, molletes, and superfood salads… but I don’t think you can beat the topped toasts! 

There are lots of hot and cold drinks including coffee, matcha, kombucha, and smoothies. 

Toscano (classy breakfast in Condesa)

These classy cafes offer beautiful breakfasts in Mexico City in great locations: one overlooks Parque Mexico in Condesa and another is beside Plaza Rio de Janeiro in Roma Norte

Expect a fancy vibe with marble tables and little touches like biscuits and sparkling water served with your coffee. 

Toscano serve all your normal Mexican breakfast dishes plus hot cakes, French toast, Eggs Benedict, omelets, and stuffed croissants. There are several options for vegans like meat-free chilaquiles and enchiladas.

The service is attentive and there are a range of wines and a few cocktails on offer. I paid 200 pesos for brunch, coffee, and tip. Later in the day, they serve lunch.

Blend Station (co-working fuel)

avocado toast blend station
Avo dreams

Despite being more of a co-working cafe than a social one, Blend Station serves some of the best coffee, baked goods, and breakfast in Mexico City. So, if you have work to do, arrive early to this busy cafe on the Hippodrome (before all the seats are taken) and tuck into breakfast classics.

French toast, topped toast (I love the veggie one with tempeh), and waffles are all on the menu. Prices are a little high, probably taking into consideration that guests are going to stay and use the Wi-Fi half the day.

If you’re looking to socialize rather than work, it’s best to head to their quieter cafe on Sonora (Roma Norte) or the one on Puebla which doubles up as a hipster bicycle shop.

La Esquina del Chilaquil (street food breakfast)

Let’s forget the topic of fancy brunch in Condesa for a second. This neighborhood is also home to an absolute institution that cannot be missed: La Esquina del Chilaquil!

This modest street food stand serves torta de chilaquiles AKA delicious tortilla chips with all the other indulgent ingredients (cotija cheese, crema, onions, egg, and a choice of meats if you wish) sandwiched between crusty slices of bread.

This place is VERY popular (for good reason) so arrive early or prepare to stand in line. Luckily, it moves fast. It’s worth it to get your hands on the best Mexico City breakfast that 60 pesos can buy.


Superette is a relaxed cafe in Condesa known for their OTT French crepes called galettes. There are so many fillings to choose from: I went for the one with burrata, mortadella, arugula cream, pistachios, and pine nuts.

Other luxe options include smoked salmon, camembert, truffles, goat’s cheese & chorizo cream, and SO many other combos. They’re enormous and delicious! Prices range from 150-300 pesos.

Other dishes on the menu include Turkish eggs and hot cakes but I don’t think you can beat the galettes!

Best breakfast in Juarez, CDMX

This is one of my favorite neighborhoods of Mexico City. There are fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, boutique stores, and one of the quirkiest museums in Mexico City: the Chocolate Museum! Better yet, it’s not too overly gentrified like some parts of the capital.

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To start your day in Juarez (a great option if you’re staying in Roma or Condesa and heading towards Centro for sightseeing), don’t miss…

Cafe Nin (my top pick)

cafe nin breakfast mexico city
Burrata chilaquiles!

If the line at famous Rosetta Panaderia is too long, it’s a little-known fact that Cafe Nin serves the same delicious pastries alongside quality coffee and full-blown brunch in Mexico City’s Juarez.

The menu is egg-heavy with chilaquiles (order the burrata ones, I beg of you!), huevos rancheros, and the like, but I don’t think you can do better than a colorful fruit plate and a freshly baked guava roll, the specialty of Panderia Rosetta.

Other highlights include fresh sandwiches, desserts, cold-pressed juices, breakfast cocktails, and coffees. 

Cafe Nin is mighty popular so expect to wait especially at weekends.

Clara y Ema (budget brunch in Mexico City)

The specialty of this simple cafe is egg brioche buns with a few combos like bacon, cheese, and caramelized onion. They’re so oozy, cheesy, and utterly delish!

Egg sandwiches start from 99 pesos or you can upgrade to include filter coffee and juice for 50 pesos. For an affordable brunch in Juarez or Condesa that always delivers, look no further.

Farmacia International (hidden gem)

Between Juarez and Centro, this unassuming cafe with pretty tiled floors is a real hidden gem. On the menu at Farmacia International are breakfast dishes like bacon sandwiches, chilaquiles (weekends only), and French toast with homemade guava jam.

As well as coffees and teas, there are beers and wines on the menu. My only complaint is the service is pretty slow so don’t visit if you’re in a rush! 

It’s close to several attractions like La Ciudadela Market (my favorite Mexico City market for shopping) and the Museum of Popular Art.

Ojo de Agua (multiple locations)

Grilled eggs

With a branch in Juarez, Roma, Condesa, and not one but THREE in Polanco, Ojo de Agua are always there when you need a tasty brunch. The nicest cafe might be the quirky Juarez one, but I also like the Condesa branch overlooking a leafy plaza and fountain. The one on Zacatecas in Roma Norte tempts those lining up for brunch at Lalo who don’t want to wait an hour!

Open since 1950, they’re a local institution known for their fresh juices and delicious breakfast dishes. These range from acai bowls to molletes and unusual dishes like truffle avocado toast, cinnamon roll French toast, and cochinita pibil chilaquiles. The santos ahogados is a fantastic dish served with colorful salsas and cheese.

Best brunch in Centro

If you’re planning a day of sightseeing in Centro (which I highly recommend), here’s where to eat and drink first…

Cafe de Tacuba

Easily one of the most famous places to eat breakfast in Centro CDMX is Cafe de Tacuba, an institution open since 1912. Don’t get me wrong, the food is tasty but it’s the atmosphere that draws people to this century-old restaurant where the staff are dressed in old-school uniforms and the interior is a sight to behold.

Stained glass and beautiful murals make this one of the best places to visit in Centro. Inside this ex-convent on the oldest street in the city, you can step back in time and try recipes that haven’t changed for decades. Past guests include Diego Riveria and ex-presidents!

Regarding the breakfast dishes, the menu is split into two: classic dishes and egg dishes. With Mexican classics like huevos rancheros, tamales, enchiladas, and molletes, there’s almost too much to choose from. Dishes come with a platter of fruit and your choice of coffee, hot chocolate, or atole.

Prices range from 200-300 pesos a dish.

On weekends, you may have to wait for a table. It’s worth it!

Casiopea Café

French toast and views

Casiopea Café is a hidden gem in Centro: an upstairs cafe with pleasant balconies, serving specialty coffee and brunch dishes like French toast, egg dishes, and topped toasts. The fruit toast and veggie toast both look tasty but I went for the French toast with apple, fig, and berry jam. Divine but VERY sweet!

The coffee is also next level. They have a huge coffee machine and can make every variety imaginable including flat whites which are hard to find in Mexico.

It’s towards the east of Centro, near sightseeing attractions like the Secretary of Education, Former College of San Ildefonso, and Templo Mayor Ruins. Starting your day here is a good idea! You have to walk through an art gallery on the floor below but it’s not hard to find; just follow the signs.

The cafe always seems to be quiet, making it a peaceful oasis in busy Centro. But cafes need customers so I hope they stay open. Go visit them! 

El Cardenal

I’ll be honest – the only reason I came to El Cardenal was to see the Diego mural (a replica of Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Central, the original displayed nearby at the Diego Rivera Mural Museum) but actually, it’s a great place to eat breakfast in Centro.

If nothing else, you must try the hot chocolate, best paired with a fresh, warm conche (sweet Mexican bread). They froth the hot chocolate at your table in an atmospheric display.

The star dishes are the omelets and there’s plenty for vegetarians; my friend and I shared one with flor de calabaza (squash flower) and one with spinach and Roquefort. There are other typical Mexican dishes for breakfast and lunch like enchiladas. The fresh bread that comes free with every meal is delicious.

Despite the fact it’s a fancy-style restaurant where the waiters pull out your chair and place a napkin on your lap, it’s still affordable. Breakfast dishes start from 100 pesos.

There are a couple of branches of El Cardenal in Centro; you can visit any but the one by Alameda Central (inside the lobby of the Hilton) is the one with the Diego mural. There was no wait when I visited on a Tuesday but you may want to get there early on a weekend as it’s a popular spot.

Balam Coffee Roasters

Balam is a great choice for breakfast in Centro CDMX if you want somewhere cool and modern with great coffee.

With a Mayan supernatural theme linked to the name ‘Balam’, this is an atmospheric cafe with affordable brunch from 50 pesos including egg dishes and pancakes. On weekday mornings, they offer a deal with eggs, bacon, pancakes, and coffee for 100 pesos. Unbeatable!

With V60, Aeropress, and espresso, you’re guaranteed a decent coffee to accompany your Mexican breakfast.

Best places for vegan brunch and breakfast in Mexico City

After hosting several vegan friends in the city and putting together a guide to Mexico City vegan food, I’ve become a bit of a pro on this topic. Whether you want something healthy or indulgent, I got you covered…

For the best brunch in CDMX for vegans, check out…

Forever Vegano, Roma

In a grand Art Deco building with a hippie vibe, this is a fantastic vegan restaurant with a strong brunch menu. It’s one of those places that prove vegan doesn’t have to equal healthy!

If you have a sweet tooth, order the maple ‘bacon’ pancakes: they’re huge and stuffed with chocolate chips! They were a bit sweet for me so I ended up stealing my sister’s chilaquiles torta which was delicious.

There are tons of vegan smoothies with flavors like Oreo. For a non-healthy, vegan blowout, Forever Vegano serve some of the best brunch in Mexico City.

Na Tlali (my favorite breakfast in CDMX!), San Angel

One of my all-time favorite restaurants in Mexico City happens to be vegan and has a wonderful breakfast menu based on the home cuisine (Vera Cruz/Oaxacan) of the chef.

Na Tlali is slightly out of the way in San Angel neighborhood but well worth working into your sightseeing plans around a trip to San Angel Saturday Market.

Dishes I can vouch for include the 3-mole enchiladas, the chilaquiles (I’ve never seen such an extensive menu anywhere – go with the peanut sauce and giant battered mushroom!) and the ‘tuna’ tostadas made with soy-marinated watermelon.

Everything is so fresh, tasty, and creative, served in beautiful crockery. I’m obsessed!

Vegamo, Roma

Green waffle sandwich

Vegamo is a quality vegan restaurant with branches in Roma Norte (where else?) and Centro. Although they also serve lunch and dinner (order the ‘ceviches’ if you’re feeling healthy and the burgers or pizzas if you’re not), brunch is an undeniable highlight.

Choose between acai bowls, vegan Mexican classics like chilaquiles and enfrijoladas, and house specialties like tofu scramble and waffle sandwiches (colored green with avocado and spinach) stuffed with faux ham and cheese.

If it’s the weekend and you haven’t booked ahead, Vegamo is a great spot because it’s rarely too busy. The only downside is the coffee which isn’t great. Dishes cost between 120 and 200 pesos.

Best chilaquiles for breakfast in Mexico City

My favorite breakfast dish in Mexico is chilaquiles, hands down! Here are the best places to dig in…

Chilakillers (huge portions)

chilaquiles brunch escandon cdmx

This colorful cafe in Escandon (south of Condesa) is slightly off the tourist trail, serving enormous plates of chilaquiles with all the toppings imaginable! 

Whether you want classic chilaquiles or mole sauce, any type of meat, or veggies like flor de calabaza (pumpkin flower) and nopales (cooked cactus leaves), you won’t be disappointed. The only disappointment will be your own eating abilities when you can’t finish the plate!

Portions are massive and prices are affordable. Run don’t walk to Chilakiller’s Loungeria for one of the best breakfasts in Mexico City!

Curious about mole sauce? Read about it in my food guide to Puebla!

Chilpa (build your own chilaquiles)


Like Frëims and Lalo, this is known as one of the most popular places for brunch in Mexico City – and for good reason! Chilaquiles are the main dish, and the fun thing about Chilpa is that you can build your own bowl.

Choose between different salsas and sauces, then add ingredients like goat’s cheese, shrimp, meat, and veggies, or keep it simple. My go-to order is salsa verde, fried egg, panela cheese, and avocado.

They serve great coffee and juices to wash it all down with. Expect to wait for a table at the weekend!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re hungry and feeling excited to check out all these breakfast places in Mexico City! Comment below if you find any good ones I don’t know about…

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