35+ Best Bars in Mexico City For Every Occasion

best bars mexico city

Now I live here, I’m here to tell you about the many bars in Mexico City, whatever you’re in the mood for. From cocktails in CDMX to craft beer and Mexican beverages like mezcal and pulque, I’ll share the best places to have a drink from upscale bars to rooftops, chilled beer gardens, cool brew pubs, and authentic cantinas.

While I’ve listed places all over the city, many of the best bars are in Roma Norte, a cool neighborhood packed with third-wave coffee shops and boutiques. The bars and cafes in Condesa tend to be more upmarket which might be just what you fancy! Then, there are also fantastic speakeasy bars in the underrated Juarez neighborhood of Mexico City.

Let’s begin with…

Best cocktail bars in Mexico City

Mexico City is cocktail heaven! There are so many fantastic bars. In line with the main Mexico City neighborhoods, you can expect to find the fanciest cocktail bars in Polanco, then Condesa. Roma Norte is the headquarters of quirky, hipster bars while Juarez has all the speakeasy cocktails.

Las Brujas, Roma Norte 

Translating as ‘the witches’, Las Brujas is easily one of the coolest bars in Roma Norte (and there’s plenty of competition). It’s dark and intimate with a well-stocked bar and creative menu of cocktails… I mean potions!

Using cocktail ingredients including cuttlefish ink, marigold, and plum shrub, the menu tells stories relating to magic. For instance, the Embrujo Martini relates to the story that men would avoid cacao during the colonial period for fear of women bewitching them and losing their masculinity!  

Prices: Cocktails cost between 180 and 250 pesos, not too bad for a bar recently added to the North America top 50 bars list!

Reservation required? It’s ideal to book a day before on Open Table. My friend and I got turned away 2 nights in a row without a ressy and eventually got one by showing up at 5pm for opening. 

Gin Gin, multiple locations

This is a moody, mysterious bar with an edgy Mexican theme: a wall of ornamental skulls illuminated red and black.

As the name Gin Gin might suggest, this bar serves almost exclusively gin. There are more than 40 cocktails on the menu including classics like Brambles, Tom Collins, and Negronis. Try gin twists on classic cocktails like the Ginny Mary and Mexican Pimms, or house drinks like the Watermelon Gin and red fruit Rojito. 

They have a few bars in Condesa and Roma. The one on Oaxaca is larger with tables for groups and pairs. The Álvaro Obregón branch is vibey on weekends with a DJ, and the Condesa bar is smaller and more casual with several outdoor tables, ideal for a pre-dinner cocktail.

Reservation needed: no. 

Prices: one of the slightly more expensive places for cocktails in Mexico City: my cocktail was 300 pesos but there are plenty around the 200-250 mark.

Licoreria Limantour, Roma Norte

The downfall of this Mexico City cocktail bar? Its ranking as the fourth-best bar in the world (2022). 

Why? It just can’t live up. Sure, it’s a cool place with creative cocktails but my friends and I would all agree that it’s not half as impressive or quirky as some of the other cool bars in Mexico City like Handshake or Hanky Panky cocktail bars. 

It’s still worth a visit, if only so you can say you’ve been to the fourth-best bar in the world! 

The Licorería Limantour house cocktail is the margarita al pastor, a green version of the classic marg topped with pineapple and ‘taco spices’. Luckily, there’s no essence of kebab meat: it’s very tasty!

Also recommended are the Scropping Limontour (gin, grapefruit, pink pepper sorbet, and Prosecco) and the Mezcal Stalk (mezcal, Cointreau, pineapple juice, honey, and frosted worm salt). I can’t deny they were all creative and tasty!

This Roma Norte bar has a lively atmosphere with two floors. There’s also a Polanco bar if you’re feeling flash! 

Price: 910 pesos for 4 cocktails.

Reservation needed? On weekends, yes.

Salon Rosetta, Roma Norte

One of the many ventures on Colima by chef, Elena Reygadas, (no stranger to Netflix) is Salon Rosetta, hidden above her famous Rosetta Restaurant and just across the road from Panaderia Rosetta where lines stretch around the corner for delectable guava rolls!

Although the Rosetta brand is famous, this intimate bar feels exclusive because it can’t be strolled into off the street: you need a member of staff to show you the way. You’ll be greeted by low lighting, velvet sofas, and Asian shutters.

A short menu of simple cocktails with gourmet ingredients await. My friend tried the carajillo with vanilla while I tried the Evening Air with gin, matcha, and fig cordial. It was heaven!

Price: Cocktails cost around 260 pesos.

Reservation needed? Recommended but we managed to bag a table for two one Friday night without booking.

Brick, Roma Norte

brick roma norte cocktails
Huitlacoche margarita!

BRICK is an impressive boutique hotel and cocktail bar in Roma Norte. Luckily, you don’t need to pay $400 to stay overnight to enjoy a drink on the pretty, peaceful patio with tiled floors, comfy sofas, and plants aplenty. If you prefer a quiet setting, it’s a hidden escape from the busy bars nearby.

The drinks are sophisticated and classy with thoughtful details and unusual ingredients. Ordering the margarita with huitlacoche (a corn fungus common in Mexican cuisine) was a gamble but I can confirm it was a very tasty twist on the original.

Reservation needed? No. 

Prices: 200-330 pesos.

Ladina, Roma Norte

This hidden Mexico City bar on a quiet section of Colima doesn’t have a visible name or sign so you might miss it if you weren’t looking. Follow the colorful lights indicating it’s a bar and you’ll be glad you did. With dim lighting, exposed brick, and neon signs, it’s quirky and unassuming. 

The Ladina cocktails didn’t instantly take my fancy as there’s a lot of mezcal and whisky (two drinks I’m trying to like) but I enjoyed the Fancy Margarita (200 pesos) with tequila, Cointreau, grapefruit, and gherkin. Apart from a couple of classic cocktails like Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and Negronis, most drinks are house concoctions. 

If you’re hungry, they also do a few experimental Mexican dishes including options for vegans in Mexico City like spiced corn ribs and vegan chicharron. Check the menu in advance.

Prices: around 200 pesos per cocktail.

Reservation needed? No. It’s not as well known as some cocktail bars in CDMX, but still well worth visiting.

Fifty Mills, Four Seasons Hotel, Juarez

Following the rule that the closer you get to Polanco, the higher the prices go, Fifty Mills is one of the best bars in Mexico City – if you have cash to splash! If celebrating or looking to treat yourself, it’s an atmospheric bar inside the Four Seasons Hotel. 

Pros of visiting include the gorgeous outdoor courtyard filled with trees and fairy lights. I didn’t love the inside area as it feels old-fashioned and fancy rather than cool and quirky, but I’m sure that’ll be right up some people’s street.

The cocktails are all house concoctions: I tried the unusual Lola Bunny with gin, habanero pepper, orange, beet, and egg white, with a real carrot on the glass! The Adelle with macadamia, rooibos, vanilla, and Absinthe also looks intriguing.

Prices: The drinks start from 300 pesos so, as mentioned, it’s one of the most expensive cocktail bars in Mexico City.

Reservation needed? I don’t believe so. We had no trouble getting a table although it was a weeknight.

King Cole Bar, Juarez

In the same vein as Fifty Mills (an upmarket hotel bar) and just a five-minute walk away on the border of Juarez and Polanco close to Chapultepec Park, you could visit both these bars in one evening.

King Cole Bar has a fancy interior and a terrace with city views. There are places with more soul and character but, for fancy cocktails and an upscale drinking experience, it will suit some.

Prices: 300 pesos per cocktail before tip.

Reservation needed: no.

Cafe de Nadie, Roma Norte

A new addition to North America’s top bar list for 2023 (at number 25) is Cafe de Nadie in Roma Norte. With an edgy record shop vibe, it’s dark and moody inside with cool, colorful menus on sleeves inside CD cases.

I went with the Malegria cocktail with rum, pumpkin, kumquat, butter, and Prosecco. Other quirky and unusual options include the Mexican Curiosu with beetroot chutney and chili liquor and the Puff with avocado oil and sherry. For the adventurous drinker, this bar is sure to be a hit.

Don’t miss exploring El Parian, the stunning building it’s part of. Home to boutique and upscale restaurants, it’s an architect’s dream.

Prices: 200 pesos a drink.

Reservation needed? No, they don’t seem to be taking them at the moment.

Salon Palomilla, Roma Norte

The cool, new kid on the block in 2023 is Salón Palomilla in Roma Norte, a bar so eclectically designed that it has the feel of someone’s (very stylish) living room. The open roof allows you to drink the stars! The cocktails are a little expensive but the ambience, lighting, and music are fantastic.

Reservation needed? It’s advisable to have one or arrive early because there are just a few seats.

Maison Artemisia, Roma Norte

A low-lit cocktail bar with old-fashioned glam details. The perfect cozy date spot! The fantastic cocktails focusing on Absinthe and botanicals have earned Maison Artemisia a mention from the 50 best bars.

I personally didn’t opt for Absinthe since there’s plenty else to choose from. The Salmoncito is a classic, fresh cocktail with gin, campari, grapefruit and tonic, while the Ruibarbie is a sweet, fruity option with milk punch, gin, orange, lime and rhubarb.

Prices: around 200-250 per drink; 150 for mocktails.

Reservation needed: not on weeknights.

You can expect regular live music and piano parties! Closed Mondays.

Speakeasy bars in Mexico City

All in Juarez, this is one of the best areas for cool Mexico City bars…

Hanky Panky, Juarez

Voted one of the top bars in North America (number 20 in 2023), Hanky Panky is easily one of Mexico City’s coolest bars. I won’t give you clues to find the hidden entrance but I will say you exit via a fake drinks fridge!

The interior doesn’t overly have a speakeasy theme but it’s still atmospheric with a menu that looks like a passport and cocktails based around countries.

Handshake, Juarez

In my humble opinion, Handshake is probably the best bar in Mexico City. It’s a real experience! Others seem to agree as it was voted the 2nd best bar in North America in 2023.

A hidden entrance reveals a cozy, low-lit venue that feels quite unlike a commercial bar. There wasn’t a drink that didn’t impress us, and the staff were attentive, offering advice, giving us snacks, and topping up our water.

xaman cocktails
Xaman cocktail bar in Mexico City

Xaman, Juarez

Despite calling itself a speakeasy, Xaman isn’t hard to find, yet the underground bar feels hidden and mysterious. They serve some of the most unusual cocktails in Mexico City with a shamanistic theme inspired by the power of plants and respect for nature.

Drinks with ingredients like watermelon, lavender, and prickly pear are topped with decorative flowers. 

Brooklyn Rippers, Juarez

A fourth speakeasy in surprise, surprise… Juarez! There’s a pizza restaurant in front of Brooklyn Rippers that you need to enter first (I hear the pizza is tasty, too although I’ve yet to try it myself). The staff will radio someone from the bar to collect you and bring you to the intimate bar with a great range of cocktails.

They do normal drinks like margaritas as well as unusual house concoctions like the Coffee Smoke (mezcal, rumchata, coffee liquor and cafe de olla bitters). Most drinks cost around 200 pesos.

Pulque & mezcal bars in Mexico City

To try unique Mexican beverages, there are a few bars I’d recommend.

For those who don’t know, mezcal is a clear, distilled spirit made from any type of agave with a smoky quality. Pulque is the fermented sap of the maguey plant, known for its milky texture and unusual slightly sour yeasty taste. Luckily, it’s often flavored with fruit which makes it nicer than it sounds!

Don’t miss these unique Mexico City bars…

Pulqueria Los Insurgentes, Roma Norte

To try pulque in a lively bar, Pulqueria Los Insurgentes offers a true drinking experience. Splattered with street art on the outside, it’s quirky from the offset. There are four floors each offering something different. The top floor is very green with a whole wall of plants.

Pulque flavors change daily and I’ve had everything from walnut to passionfruit here. Although on one regrettable occasion, the only flavors were tomato, celery, or blackberry cheesecake so I went with a beer!

The music switches from reggaeton to dance and rap. Weekends are a great vibe, but there’s live music even on weeknights. It feels more local than some of the tourist bars.

La Nuclear Pulqueria, Roma Norte

For a slightly quieter place to sip pulque, La Nuclear is a chilled dive bar near Mercado Roma with graffiti murals on the walls and affordable prices. Pulque will only set you back 40-70 pesos so it’s a great place to sample different fruit flavors.

mezcal cocktail cdmx
Cucumber mezcal cocktail at La Palenquito 

La Palenquito Mezcaleria, Roma Norte

La Palenquito is a cozy, atmospheric mezcal bar on Alvaro Obregon with a fun vibe at weekends and live music often playing.

There’s a huge range of mezcal to try, served with slices of orange and snacks like guac and chapulines. The ‘cocktails’ aren’t exactly cocktails: more like fruit waters with mezcal (and a sprig of burning sage) but I was a fan. Flavors include cucumber, kiwi, watermelon, and hibiscus. 

If you’re hungry before or after visiting, I’d recommend Tacos Frontera and El Morro (churros) nearby.

Tlachiquerio Mezcal, Roma Norte

This no-frills mezcal bar in Mexico City’s Roma Norte (that could be described as a dive bar) is great for sit-down weeknight drinks with shots of mezcal served in authentic Oaxacan clay pots. At weekends, it’s a party vibe with only room to stand.

Known for their giant cazuelas (bowls) of mezcal and grapefruit juice (70 pesos for two!), you may end up with a pounding head the day after visiting Tlachiquerio Mezcal but I’d say it’s worth it.

Bosforo Mezcal Bar, Centro

Easily one of the coolest bars in Mexico City’s Centro Historico is this hidden gem. It’s separated from the street by a curtain which, when pulled back, gives way to a cozy bar with warehouse-style high ceilings. 

There are countless varieties of mezcal on the menu (handwritten on a board behind the bar) as well as pulque and beers. Old-school jazz and low lighting set the tone.

It’s best to visit Bosforo on a weeknight because weekends are too packed to move! It’s a standing bar with no reservations taken. Next door, sharing the same kitchen, is a restaurant serving upscale but affordable Oaxacan food. Sober up with a tlayuda! 

La Clandestina Mezcaleria, Roma Norte

Of all the mezcal bars in CDMX, this is the coolest and most edgy, popular with a 25-40-year-old crowd. There’s a dark, mysterious feel at night, plus outdoor seating.

If you’re not sure what you like, the waiters will advise based on your tastes. La Clandestina also serve classic Oaxacan-themed snacks as every reputable mezcalería should!

Rooftop bars in Mexico City

For drinks and cityscape views, many of the best CDMX rooftop bars are in Centro, likely because this area offers prime panoramas of important buildings and monuments.

These are some of the best bars in Mexico City for views…

Balcon del Zocalo, Centro

This is an upmarket bar and restaurant in downtown Mexico City with tiled floors and marble tables. Most are in the center of the rooftop area so don’t offer the best views whilst you’re drinking or dining, but it only takes a walk out onto the balcony to spy impressive views of the Templo Mayor ruins.

There’s a short list of cocktails at Balcon del Zocalo like the Cocopolita (vodka, coconut oil, and tomato water), the Citrus Margarita, Champurrado Sour (mezcal, cacao, corn atole, citrus, and honey), and the Biscuits with Milk (gin, tangerine, ginger, and biscuit – I think the sweet British kind, not savory American ones!).

Dishes include octopus, shrimp risotto, and pretty desserts with gourmet ingredients like ruby chocolate and hazelnut ice cream. Prices aren’t cheap but it’s great for a treat!

La Azotea, Centro

La azotea bar
Gin and grapefruit

There are bars in Mexico City with more impressive views since this isn’t a particularly tall building. But La Azotea is a nice hidden gem with an open top shaded by umbrellas, and a chilled playlist. Great for relaxing on a summer’s day after hitting the museums and parks around Centro. 

There are a range of affordable cocktails (around the 150 peso mark) with gin and mezcal, as well as mocktails, wine, beer, coffee, and tea. If you’re hungry, there are sandwiches, salads, and burgers, and the odd Mexican dish like aguachiles, tacos, and tlayudas.

I had a gin and grapefruit cocktail that hit the spot on a hot afternoon. The sangrias won’t impress any Spaniards, but you can’t go wrong with an Aperol Spritz.

Miralto, Latinoamericana Tower, Centro

This historic skyscraper is home to a tourist favorite bar in Centro. The Torre Latinoamericana tower offers the chance to visit the viewing desk for 180 pesos. However, the bar on the 40th-41st floor is free to visit if you buy a drink.

Miralto isn’t a place for creative or world-class cocktails (margs, Aperol spritz, wines, and beers are on the menu) but the views are fantastic. It’s not so expensive when you consider your location with helicopters regularly circuiting around you! 

One thing to note is that the staff demand a 15% tip. The waitress came back over after we paid in cash to tell us we’d only given 12% so we owed her more. We awkwardly gave the extra pesos (we’re English so can’t face confrontation haha) but presumably, you can refuse.

Supra Roma Rooftop (Roma Norte)

On popular Avenue Álvaro Obregón, this is an expensive bar with fantastic views. You can see across the whole city from Centro to Chapultepec. It doesn’t have the best food or service but it’s worth a drink as a sightseeing stop if you have the budget for a 300 peso cocktail (if not, get a beer).

Some bar guides will mention Departmento across the road. I can’t vouch for this place as I have heard so much about discrimination and Mexicans being turned away in favor of foreigners. Give this place a miss!

Wine bars in Mexico City

These are the best places for quality vino…

Brutal, San Miguel de Chapultepec

Brutal is a cool wine bar and shop with indoor and outdoor seating and shelves piled to the ceiling with bottles. You can buy them to take home or drink them onsite for a 250 corkage fee. Alternatively, order wine by the glass from 200-300 pesos.

They have red, white, rose, and orange wines from Mexico and around the world.

Craft beer bars in Mexico City

Beer lovers can try one of the many Mexico City bars, brew pubs, tap rooms, and breweries.

Drunkendog, Roma Norte: a well-established bar with a huge range of craft beers and pub food.

Morenos Tasting Room, Roma Norte: great if you want quality beer but also quality food rather than pub grub.

Black shrimp tacos and IPAs at Morenos

Malt Bunny, Roma Norte: a cozy bar with Mexican and imported craft beers, run by a friendly couple. Very reasonable prices.

La Roma Brewing: a lively bar with indoor and outdoor seating, plus Mexican food including veggie options.

Almacen Monstrour de Agua: a new Condesa bar on leafy Amsterdam with proceeds going to the endangered axolotl.

Almacen Monstrour de Agua bar condesa cdmx
Beer for a good cause

Trappist, Roma Norte: craft beer and jazz music in a cozy bar with less than 20 seats.

Revolver Pub, Roma Norte: a hidden gem with hard rock and metal music playing.

Cyprez Tap Room, Roma Sur: a nice range of craft beers and other drinks like hard kombucha. They serve proper meals as well as snacky food.

Falling Piano, Roma: at this brewery, you walk past the huge metal barrels before reaching the vibey drinking area with a piano suspended from the ceiling. They have plenty in the way of IPAs and lagers.

Beer Company Juarez: a tiny local bar with outdoor seating and lots of great beers to try.

Beer gardens & pubs in CDMX

If you’re less concerned about quality craft beer and simply looking for somewhere to drink with atmosphere, you can visit the following Mexico City bars…

Jardin Juarez

Jardin Juarez is a spacious pub with lots of outdoor seating and plants. They serve a wide range of drinks and comforting pub food, plus you can bring dogs. On Wednesdays, they do a pub quiz in English and Spanish, and on weekend nights it becomes a party!

Beer Garden Roma

Beergarden Roma is another spacious beer garden with a lively atmosphere on weekends especially when the weather’s good. Surprisingly, the menu theme is Korean food and, while there are probably better places in Little Seoul (Juarez’s Koreatown nearby), they’re well known for their karaoke nights!

Jardin Chapultepec

Another great beer garden in the Roma Norte area is Jardin Chapultepec with quality drinks and food (including veggie options and Asian food). It’s pet-friendly and they have board game nights on Tuesdays.

Need a hearty feed the morning after these bars? Read my guide to the best breakfast & brunch in Mexico City!

More bars in CDMX

A final few places that didn’t fit the above categories…

Terraza Cozumel, Roma

Terraza Cozumel bar mexico city
‘Mexico my love’

If you’ve ever wanted to get a photo with the ‘Mexico mi amor’ sign but not wanted to trek over to Polanco, head to Terraza Cozumel in Roma Norte.

This is a fun bar with colorful murals and an Instagrammable neon cactus sign to snap photos with. Upstairs, there are shops and a tattoo parlor, plus there’s a live music venue in the complex.

Frontón 1946 Cantina, Coyoacan 

Once you’ve done all the touristy stuff in Coyoacan, pay a visit to this non-touristy cantina with affordable drinks and swinging saloon doors.

With colorful wall murals and pulque, mezcal, tequila, beers, and Mexican cocktails, Fronton is a lively bar on weekends frequented by a local crowd. But you’ll still feel more than welcome if you’re a tourist!

La Bodeguita del Medio, Roma

A fun Cuban bar in Roma

I was stunned to walk by this bar and notice it’s a replica of the one I visited in Cuba that invented the mojito! I knew I had to try it out.

For free-flowing mojitos (the OG version and flavored ones), traditional Cuban food like ropa vieja, and a lively atmosphere with live bands, La Bodeguita del Medio is definitely worth visiting. Every inch of the walls is covered in signatures of past guests, mirroring its namesake bar in Cuba.

Colonia Meadery, Juarez

When I say Mexico City has everything, I mean it! One of the newest reasons to visit the Juarez neighborhood is this ‘meadery’. For those who don’t know, mead is a liquor made with fermented honey.

Although mead is centuries old, this isn’t an old tavern but a stylish bar popular with a young, hip crowd. Pay 220 pesos for a 5-mead tasting. Once you’ve picked your favourite, order a full-sized drink.

Colonia Meadery also serve a range of modern snacks such as camembert, papas bravas, crispy pork belly, octopus, and roasted eggplant dip.

Enjoy these Mexico City bars!

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