23 BEST Restaurants in Mazunte, Oaxaca

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After a wonderful fortnight on the Oaxaca coast, I’m proud to say I ate and drank my heart out while discovering all the best restaurants in Mazunte! Because I visited as a short holiday (from my base of Mexico City) rather than a longer backpacking trip, I was in the mood to eat out for every meal and enjoy some cocktails, too.

From Oaxacan food to international cuisine, I definitely ate some of the best food in Mazunte which I’m excited to tell you about. This hippie little town doesn’t feel too overrun by tourism just yet (and there are certainly no chain restaurants or cafes) but there’s enough infrastructure and demand that there are fantastic places to eat and drink!

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Best restaurants Mazunte, Oaxaca

I’ll start with the best places to eat in Mazunte for lunch and dinner, then share my favorite cafes and coffee shops later on.

This is where to eat in Mazunte for all taste buds…

La Pizzeria – best pizza in Mazunte

Restaurants mazunte oaxaca

Easily the best pizza in Mazunte if not the whole of Oaxaca! That might not sound like much since Oaxaca is certainly not known for pizza, but La Pizzeria is truly excellent.

After a long and hot journey between Huatulco and Oaxaca (seriously, why is getting between towns on the Oaxacan coast so tricky?), I headed for an indulgent dinner.

This Mazunte restaurant is nothing fancy: you share big, wooden tables with other guests beneath a straw roof. But who needs fancy when you have amazing wood-fired pizza made in a clay pizza oven? Not I.

La Pizzeria
THE best pizza restaurant in Mazunte

Pizzas pizza range from 100 pesos for margaritas to 220 pizzas for shrimp pizza. I had a delicious veggie pizza for 180 pesos topped with bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, and oregano. The crust was deliciously thin and crisp topped with tangy tomato sauce and rich, grilled cheese. Everything was 10/10!

They serve a few side dishes, plus drinks including wine for 80 pesos, kombucha, and agua frescas (fresh, fruity waters) of the day.

Although everyone will say that La Pizzeria makes the best pizza in Mazunte, I spotted another restaurant, Pizzeria Marvic, that looked legit with chefs kneading fresh dough before putting it in a clay oven. I didn’t try the pizza myself but it’s an option if La Pizzeria is too busy.

Icaro Café – cutest restaurant in Mazunte!

Icaro cafe mazunte
The cutest cafe in Mazunte!

In my quest for the best restaurants in Mazunte, I stumbled across Icaro Cafe and I’m so glad I did! It’s just open in the morning ’til 1pm (Tues-Sat only); be sure to work it into your plans.

Not only is it an adorable garden cafe with wall art, colorful tables, and shelves of books to read, but the staff are lovely. Curl up with a coffee and one (or more!) of their fresh, homemade baked goods.

The topped toast dishes are excellent. I had the burrata toast with sundried tomatoes and pesto. It felt so gourmet and worth much more than 110 pesos. Other combos include smoked salmon toast; prosciutto and cream cheese toast; and a simple smashed avo and cherry tomato toast.

Topped toast where to eat Mazunte Oaxaca
Burrata, pesto, and sundried tomato toast… Easily some of the best food in Mazunte!

Cool down with drinks such as the iced mocha and refreshing kombuchas. The mango one was delish. I noticed they sell the same brand of kombucha for 50 pesos that La Pizzeria sell for 80 pesos. Bargain!

Like kombucha? You’ll be in heaven in Mazunte. The Pura Vida kombucha brand is made here and stocked in literally every cafe and restaurant. As you can see below, there are SO many flavors. My favorite was ginger (genjibre).


On the topic of the best breakfast in Mazunte, Doba is a strong contender. Just a 10-minute walk from town, they’re known for their short but sweet breakfast menu comprising healthy options like overnight oats and not-so-healthy options like yummy breakfast sandwiches with cheese, egg, and bacon in a seeded bun.

The avocado toast is huge, topped with lots of seeds, leaves, and cherry tomatoes with a fried egg on the side. For lunch, they have tasty Mexican and international dishes with lots of veggie options. Try the BBQ pulled jackfruit panini or the ‘drunk’ grilled cheese with rum-soaked apples!

Note that Doba is closed Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the week, it’s open from 9am-3pm.

La Palapa Cometa 

Tlayuda at Mazunte restaurant
Tlayudas are either folded like this or served flat AKA Oaxacan pizza!

La Palapa Cometa caught my eye while walking by due to its colorful exterior and swinging chairs. After seeing it had really good reviews (4.9 stars on Google), I was sold. This Mazunte restaurant specializes in ceviche, tacos, tostadas, tlayudas, tacos, and burgers with a seafood focus. 

The burgers were the biggest I’ve ever seen! My shrimp tlayuda was also enormous and very tasty although the second half became soggy and fell apart: the downfall of many a tlayuda. I got food envy at the look of another guest’s fried shrimp!

Wash your dinner down with affordable cocktails and soft drinks like tepache (fermented pineapple juice), plus a healthy range of mezcals.

What is a tlayuda? This dish is a Oaxacan specialty. They’re often called ‘Oaxacan pizza’ because they’re thin and crispy, sometimes served flat with ingredients on top. Frijoles are spread first, then meat and salad are added, then cheese just like a pizza!

Other times, they’re served folded in two more like a sandwich or empanada (like mine pictured above). But regardless of how they’re served, they’re delicious! In Oaxaca City, they’re usually made with meat but, here on the coast, lots of Mazunte restaurants make them with seafood.

Restaurant Tadeo

For quality Oaxacan food in Mazunte, head to Restaurant Tadeo to try classics from the state like tlayudas. Don’t expect a fancy dining experience but DO expect huge portions and cheap prices!

Try tlayudas with every type of filling imaginable from veggie options to meat and seafood including shrimp, fish, and octopus. As well as typical Oaxacan staples, you can try dishes found all over Mexico like chilaquiles and tacos.

Cenzontle – best burger restaurant in Mazunte 

Cenzontle burger
Blue cheese and caramelized onion burger

If you’re craving a burger, you can’t do better than Cenzontle which is a popular joint on the main street leading to Rinconcito Beach. Choose either a beef, fish, or veggie burger and opt for one of the many topping combos. I went for ‘La Sexy’ with blue cheese and caramelized onion, while my friend had the Aguacatoa with manchego cheese, salad, and guac.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the unusual ‘Oaxaqueña’ burger with Oaxaca cheese and chapulines AKA fried grasshoppers. I find these surprisingly tasty: salty and crispy, a bit like popcorn!

All the burgers come with a side of rosemary fries which were fantastic.

Cenzontle opens at 6pm making it a great dinner restaurant in Mazunte. It was empty when I arrived at 7pm but soon got busy and atmospheric. Expect to pay 220 pesos for a burger, fries, and drink.


On a stormy Tuesday night before the dinner time rush, the town was quiet so I was drawn to the busiest place in town. Tribu is always the busiest place in town!

They serve tacos, burgers, pasta, and burritos. The waiter told me the burgers and burritos are the star dishes and, since I’d just had a burger the night before at Cenzontle, I ordered the shrimp burrito. He recommended the shrimp and steak burrito instead (just 20 pesos more) and I can’t lie, it was delish! 

The tacos look tasty, too. They have loads of options including meat, seafood, and veggie ones like BBQ mushroom and tempura avocado. With options like fried chicken tacos, they may not be authentically Mexican but I guess that’s to be expected as one of the most popular tourist restaurants in Mazunte.

The cocktails are great and affordable starting from 75 pesos. I went with the pepino serrano cocktail with tequila, cucumber, serrano chili, and controy. Wow, it was spicy! But what did I expect ordering a Serrano chili cocktail?

Estrella Fugaz

Estrella Fugaz always gets mentioned on the topic of the best restaurants in Mazunte thanks to its fresh seafood served in an optimal location beside the beach. Prices are slightly on the higher end given the location but the food is hearty (and portions are generous) with lots of fresh seafood including tuna served in various ways such as carpaccio and sashimi. Yum!

It doubles up as a popular brunch spot where you can tuck into pancakes with ocean views. The coffee certainly isn’t specialty coffee but never fear, I have some recommendations for that coming up.

Tiburon Juice Bar

Tiburon Juice Bar

My first brunch in Mazunte was at Tiburon Juice Bar, a casual cafe on the main street with a counter laden with fruit and a cool shark mural behind.

There’s just one table so lots of people get their smoothie bowl to-go or perch on the steps outside. Obviously, it’s best to eat there because your bowl will be served in a coconut shell rather than plastic. Besides, where could you be rushing off to in sleepy Mazunte?

I liked how many smoothie bowl combos they offer (I went for the wonderbowl with blackberry, banana, strawberry, peanut butter, and almond milk), plus the luxe ingredients from shaved coconut to spirulina. However, the servings are fairly small so I still felt hungry and went for a second brunch at Icaro Cafe!

As the name suggests, they also serve countless juices with ingredients like cucumber, grapefruit, ginger, turmeric, pineapple, honey, and more. Most cost around 65 pesos. If you’re craving something fresh and nutritious, this is your place!

Arena Negra – best seafood restaurant in Mazunte

To enjoy fresh seafood (and where could be better than beside the coast?), Arena Negra is a hidden gem tucked away up a flight of stairs. From shrimp burgers to fish tacos, small plates like calamari, and surf & turf platters, there’s plenty of choice. The prices aren’t bad, either.

Not only do they serve some of the best food in Mazunte but the friendly staff will offer you mezcal samples to discover which variety you like. Salud!

Luz del Sol (best veggie restaurant in Mazunte!)

Luz de Sol restaurants in Mazunte oaxaca
Best smoothie bowl in Mazunte!

Luz del Sol is a lovely vegetarian restaurant in Mazunte with a range of hearty, healthy meals. It’s not in the center but it’s worth the 10-minute walk. Since it’s along the road leading to Zipolite, it would be the perfect breakfast stop before hailing a passing colectivo bound for Playa Zipolite.

I loved the sunshine smoothie bowl topped with nuts, seeds, chopped banana, and shaved coconut. It was better presented and bigger than my first one at Tiburon Juice Bar; easily the best bowl I had in Mazunte.

Other hearty veggie breakfast dishes include pancakes with fruit, burritos (in healthy brown tortillas), chilaquiles, peanut butter oats, and French toast. From 12pm ’til closing time at 3pm, they serve lunch dishes like veggie burgers, rice bowls, and zoodles (zucchini noodles). Obviously, it’s a great place to eat in Mazunte for veggies but also for anyone who’s been over-indulging on holiday and needs a detox.

La Empanada

La Empanda is another amazing pizza restaurant in Mazute with excellent food and cocktails in atmospheric surroundings. There are wave murals on the walls, indoor trees, surf videos playing on screen as a nod to the restaurant’s coastal location, and light jazz music playing. Visit on Sunday nights for live bands.

If you need any other reason to visit, they offer 2×1 deals on wine. Sold!

Los Poblanitos

Wondering where to eat in Mazunte on a budget? Here! Los Poblanitos is always packed with locals which is really the only mark of quality you need. It’s an authentic taco joint serving all the classics like al pastor and arabe tacos, the former being the most popular type of taco in Mexico City, and the latter being a popular Puebla dish.

You’ll pay just 80 pesos for five tacos which is great value for central Mazunte!

LODELI Bar & Restaurant Mazunte

I had a delish brunch at Lodeli of French toast with maple syrup and fruit AND avocado and egg toast.

The reason I had two brunches (not that I need to justify myself on holiday!) is that the French toast was way too sweet for my tastes but I can only blame myself for ordering something slathered in maple syrup. Anyone with a sweet tooth will be happy. 

The coffee wasn’t the best but everything else was tasty. They also do lunch and dinner with interesting-looking dishes like the Meditteranean salad comprising layers of avocado, watermelon, and feta cheese, topped with olives. Or go for a hearty option like a burger (veggie available, plus luxe ingredients like blue cheese), pasta dishes, and charcuterie boards.

Lodeli is a pleasant restaurant with lots of outdoor seating in a courtyard. Perfect for a relaxed summer evening (as long as you have mosquito spray!).

Sushido Mazunte – best sushi in Mazunte

I find sushi in Mexico can be hit-and-miss. Usually, it’s bad and cheap or good and VERY expensive! Luckily, Sushido manages to hit the mark somewhere in between with tasty sushi rolls and sushi ‘cakes’, a popular dish in Mexico of layered rice with fish, cucumber, and avocado. It looks a bit like a burger and tastes great.

Miso soup and noodles are also on the menu. Come here if you’re craving something other than Mexican food, especially on a hot day when sushi is a little more refreshing than hot food. A plate of sushi rolls costs around 150 pesos.

Granito de Arroz

I only came to Granito de Arroz for dessert one evening after dinner (passion fruit cheesecake – delish!) but it always seems to be busy with guests enjoying pasta, wine, and veggie-friendly meals like rice bowls. They have an enormous range of 15+ bowls with every vegetable imaginable, plus proteins like chickpeas and tofu.

With bowls costing up to 200 pesos, it’s a little expensive considering the simple ingredients used. Still, those looking for a healthy bite will think it’s one of the best restaurants in Mazunte, and I can vouch for it having some of the best desserts!

Best bakeries and coffee shops in Mazunte

As a coffee fanatic, the first thing I did in Mazunte was head for an iced coffee. Here are my top picks for coffee lovers…

Café Panchatantra

Café Panchatantra

Possibly the best specialty coffee in Mazunte served in cute crockery. As a Brit, I LIVE for nice tea cups.

Not only is the coffee great but they have tasty and unusual snacks like pao de queijo, which I believe is Brazilian, and alfajores which the owner explained are Argentinian cookies. Both were around 30 pesos. It’s a cute little cafe with clothes and trinkets for sale and a vintage vibe.

Café Panchatantra is open sporadically; don’t take the opening times on Google too seriously. I tried to go once on a Sunday when it was closed (I believe it’s also closed Tuesdays) and another time around 4pm on a weekday when they were closing early. Finally, I made it!

Pan & Deli Las Canastas 

Los Canastas is the cutest little cafe on the street leading to Rinconcito Beach (where most of the best cafes and restaurants in Mazunte can be found). 

Translating as ‘the Baskets’, they serve homemade bread and rolls including cinnamon rolls, pesto rolls, and cacao banana rolls. I had the latter which was delicious: not too sweet with chunks of caramelised bananas. 

Quiche, pizza, empanadas, focaccia, hummus, and brownies are also available. There are lots of vegetarian and gluten-free options. The coffee is decent and there are also lassis, kombucha, and juices.

From 8-12pm, they offer a deal of a roll and coffee for 50 pesos. I was expecting some random pot coffee but actually, I got an iced latte (which would cost more than 50 pesos in most Mazunte cafes). The only best bargain in Mazunte, if you ask me!

Cometa Café

Cometa cafe mazunte oaxaca

Cometa Café was the first cafe in Mazunte I visited, desperate for iced coffee after a hot travel day. It became my go-to for my morning iced latte. Coffee snobs will be satisfied by the range of caffeine-based drinks from espresso to cold brew and coffee cocktails like espresso martinis and carajillos.

Cometa is a relaxed, open-front cafe where you can while away the day and watch the world go by.

La Baguette

La Baguette

I’d read that La Baguette serves the best baked goods in Mazunte although personally, I preferred Los Canastas because of the 50 peso coffee and roll deal, plus the option to sit down. La Baguette is takeout only but you can’t deny it’s a great place for a swift breakfast or lunch on a budget.

The croissants are great (get the chocolatine one), plus the cheese and salad baguette served on crusty homemade bread saved me during my travel day from Mazunte to Puerto Escondido airport back to Mexico City!

Cocomiel – best ice cream in Mazute!

On a hot day in Mazunte, go grab yourself a scoop or two at Cocomiel Vegan Ice Cream. This straw hut in a pretty garden is a great place to sit in the shade and enjoy flavors like passionfruit, coconut, and avocado.

One scoop costs 60 pesos and two scoops costs 70 pesos so I think it’s obvious you should get two! You can choose between a paper cup or an edible cone cup. Again, I think the answer is obvious!

Bars in Mazunte

After enjoying the best Mazunte restaurants, you may wish to sample the nightlife before the day is done. Here are some notable spots for cocktails and live music…

El Copal – the best sunset views!

If you’re looking for cheap bars and restaurants in Mazunte then don’t pick Hotel El Copal, however it does excel when it comes to sunset views!

Located near Playa Mermejita (a rugged, quiet beach in Mazunte), this hotel with a restaurant, bar, and infinity pool is the perfect place to indulge in a round of cocktails while watching the sun sink behind the ocean. Unlike the viewpoint at Punta Cometa where tens of travelers congregate every day for sunset, this is a tranquil viewpoint you’ll likely only share with a handful of others.

There’s a 350 peso minimum spend at the bar and restaurant so I suggest ordering two cocktails or a drink and plate of food. I’d read reviews saying the food was average but the fish tacos were tasty so I went for those. I can confirm they were good, although not the best I’ve ever had.

Fish tacos El Copal hotel

The cocktails are undeniably great. I went with a carajillo (a popular Mexican coffee cocktail) but there are also fruity margaritas and lots of cocktails featuring mezcal. This is Oaxaca, after all!

Don’t expect the best food in Mazunte, but do swing by to treat yourself to cocktails accompanied by amazing views!

Vive el Gallo

I had a great night at Vive el Gallo dancing salsa with a new friend I met at Zipolite Beach… who happened to be a salsa teacher! There aren’t loads of lively bars in Mazunte and, especially when I visited in the off-season of mid-August, this was the only place to dance.

There was a fantastic local band playing cumbia and salsa with an enthusiastic array of people dancing. I thought I was doing quite well until my dance partner said ‘Don’t worry, it’s normal for a first time!’ which rather killed my spirits. But at least we had fun!

Final thoughts on the best restaurants in Mazunte, Oaxaca

Drum roll, please!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you have a better idea of where to eat in Mazunte. I only left yesterday but I’m already craving fish tacos washed down with refreshing kombucha in the sun!

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