Blissful Things To Do In Holbox, Mexico

The picturesque island of Holbox in Quintana Roo state (just north of the Yucatan Peninsular) is a little slice of paradise. I had the pleasure of visiting recently with my sister and her friends for their joint 30th birthday trip and we had a blast! There are plenty of things to do in Holbox but it’s also an ideal destination to relax and do very little.

Usually, I travel solo so it was unusual for me to take a trip in a group of five! But it was a fun place to travel in a group because I had company for beach days, and friends to enjoy the bars with. Saying that, I have no doubt that Holbox is a good place to travel solo because it’s very safe, popular with backpackers, and has hostels (from $20) and well-developed infrastructure.

What is Isla Holbox like?

Many destinations in the Yucatan and Quintana Roo are overwhelmed with tourism these days, like Cancun and Tulum. These places aren’t my favorites due to the high prices and lack of cultural immersion.

Luckily, Isla Holbox has yet to reach this level of tourism. It’s certainly quieter and nicer than Isla Mujeres. It’s easily my favorite place in Quintana Roo apart from the lovely Bacalar with its sparkling lagoon.

The island is car-free so the only way to get between the things to do on Isla Holbox is by bike or golf buggy. It feels like a throwback to the past!

But it’s getting more popular. During my latest visit in late 2022, it felt like it was at a tipping point. The streets are still dusty and bumpy, but the businesses were becoming polished. We saw more fancy brunch cafes and third-wave coffee shops (that would have been at home in London or New York) than I expected. I’m not sure what the future holds for Isla Holbox but I hope it stays lovely a lot longer.

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Where is Isla Holbox

Holbox – pronounced Holbosh – is in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. This Mexican island measuring 42km is just north of the Yucatan Peninsular.

holbox map
Click for interactive map (opens in Google Maps)

How to get to Holbox

You’ll arrive on Holbox by ferry from Chiquilá ferry port on the mainland. There are two ferry companies that each run journeys hourly (meaning ferries depart every 30 minutes). Just remember if you get a return ticket, you need to travel with the same company on the way back. Tickets cost 220 pesos each way for adults and 160 pesos for children. Find the schedule here.

Getting to Chiquilá from Cancun:

  • By bus – buses between Cancun and Chiquilá take 2.5 hours and start from $21. The main operator is ADO but I usually book with Busbud as the website is better and easier to use. Buses also run from Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Valladolid, and Merida.
  • By private transfer – as there were 5 of us, it was cheaper to get a private taxi van over a bus.
  • By shared transfer – book a seat on a shuttle bus from the airport to Chiquilá port for $42.
  • By collectivo – board this from central Cancun near the Soriana supermarket parking lot. These shared minivans are the cheapest and most local way to get around in Mexico.
  • By car – you can drive to Chiquilá (I recommend for car hires in Mexico) but this may not be cost-effective since you won’t be using it on the island. Parking at Chiquilá port starts from $5 a day.
  • By private plane – from Cancun, chartered flights will bring you directly to Holbox in 30 minutes. Costs start from $500 and fit 5 passengers.

Note – since our flight to Cancun landed late at night, we had to navigate getting to our accommodation in Cancun and then the next morning getting to Chiquilá. Taxis in Cancun are SO expensive so it would have been cheaper and easier to go from Cancun airport to Chiquilá directly, missing the city. So consider a flight that lands in Cancun in the AM and get outta there!

How to get around Holbox

things to do isla holbox explore by bike
Explore the best things to do in Holbox by bike

As a car-free island, the main way to get around Holbox is to walk! It’s an easy island to navigate on foot especially if you’re staying in the central town. You can easily book boat trips and other excursions at your accommodation or any of the tour operators dotted around the town.

Another option is to hire a bicycle. This is a fun way to explore the main Holbox attractions and faster than walking. Finally, you can hire a golf buggy (fitting up to 4 people) if you want to explore the entire island and further-out places like Punta Mosquito.

For singular rides, there are golf buggies acting as taxis.

Things to do in Isla Holbox

From day trips to natural wonders and beautiful beaches, here are all the ways to keep busy (or not) on blissful Holbox Island.

With no more ado, here’s what to do on Holbox!

Find the Holbox Cenote at Yalahau

Yalahau cenote what to do holbox

This turquoise sinkhole surrounded by brilliant green forest is a truly magical sight to feast your eyes on! Easily accessed by a 30-minute boat ride, a trip to Yalahau Cenote in Yum Balam Nature Reserve is easily one of the most rewarding things to do in Holbox.

The spring was a holy place for the Mayans who saw cenotes as portals to the underworld. It would have also provided essential fresh drinking water to the islanders. This was until one king closed it for the private use of himself and his wives. Later, Yalahau became a refugee for Spanish pirates in the 1600s! Luckily, these days it’s back open for public use.

Yalahau cenote
Easily one of the most popular Holbox places to visit

When your boat pulls up at Yalahau port, the first thing to do is climb the wooden viewing platform to get a scale of the cenote and snap photos like the one above. Then, for the really fun bit: jumping into the cenote for a refreshing swim!

Health and safety is tight at Yalahau Cenote: wearing a life jacket is mandatory and, when my friend slipped hers off for a photo, it took less than 1 second for a man with a whistle to come charging from nowhere to tell her to put it back on! Since the water is fairly shallow with no current and we’re all strong swimmers, this perhaps seemed slightly extreme but hey, it’s their rules! We gotta respect them.

Yalahua port

As we climbed back on the boat, we glimpsed a HUGE croc chilling in the ocean. Our guide told us that – luckily – there’s no chance of seeing one in the cenote because it isn’t connected to the sea (and because the crocs like saltwater rather than freshwater). Phew!

To visit the cenote, we picked a cruise that included the following fun activity in Isla Holbox…

Three islands boat tour

3 island boat tour things to do holbox

For a fun, half-day out in Isla Holbox, take the famous three island tour that visits Yalahau (mentioned above), Isla Pájaros (Birds Island), and Isla Pasión (Passion Island).

We had such a great day out hopping between the three islands and also stopping to view Punta Mosquito inhabited by hundreds of flamingos (more about this place later). If you own a camera with a decent zoom, I suggest packing it for the trip! Sadly, I left mine in our apartment so didn’t get decent photos of the flamingos.

After Yalahau, we stopped at Isla Pasión which is a gorgeous place with shallow waters and very little to do but enjoy the views. Finally, Isla Pájaros offered the opportunity to walk a long pier to a viewing platform where we could view the many types of birds that call the tiny island home.

Related activity: 3 islands boat trip inc Yalahau cenote💰 Cost: $45 per person | ⏰ How long? 3.5 hours | Book online with Viator

Cabo Catoche island tour

cabo catoche

We took two amazing boat tours on Isla Holbox: a half-day tour around the three islands, and a full-day trip to Cabo Catoche, the northernmost point of the Yucatan Peninsula. I’d describe both as unmissable things to do on Isla Holbox!

The history of Cabo Catoche is pretty bleak: the first place the Spanish arrived in 1517 and the location of their first church, Boca Iglesia. Here they found the great Mayan city of Ekab which they renamed ‘Great Cairo’ due to the pyramid that reminded them of Egypt. However, it wasn’t until a British pirate raid some 50 years later that Ekab was destroyed.

These days, Cabo Catoche is barely inhabited: there’s just a couple of people and many, many birds and animals enjoying the untouched nature. Since tourists can only get there by boat, it’s not overly busy.

cabo catoche day tour things to do isla holbox mexico

As well as spotting dolphins and turtles and doing a bit of snorkeling, our boat trip included the chance to make our own ceviche lunch and enjoy it on Cabo Catoche beach. A heavenly day I won’t forget!

On the way home, our captain took us to a few hidden beaches I don’t even know the name of. This picturesque sandbar was almost too spectacular to be real, and we had it completely to ourselves… Apart from the company of some pelicans!

pelicans holbox

Swim and snorkel with whale sharks

From late May to September, one of the best things to do in Holbox is swim with whale sharks. I have yet to do this in Holbox but I had one of my best travel experiences to date swimming with whale sharks in La Paz, Baja California.

Contrary to popular belief, these gentle giants aren’t actually sharks but the world’s largest fish. The waters around Holbox are warm and rich with plankton which attracts the whale sharks who use Holbox as their summer breeding ground.

Although your guide will tell you, here’s a recap of the rules for swimming with whale sharks in Holbox:

  • Don’t touch them!
  • Stay 16ft away
  • Don’t swim with them without a trained guide
  • Enter the water slowly (don’t jump) to avoid scaring them
  • Don’t wear sunscreen or body lotion in the water
  • No camera lights or flashes around them
  • Don’t litter or take anything from the environment, or touch the coral
  • Don’t feed the whales or fish.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that whale sharks are wild animals so it’s never guaranteed you’ll see them. But a whale-watching tour gives you the best possible chances!

Witness the magical bioluminescence


One of the coolest things to see in Isla Holbox is easily the mesmerizing luminous plankton that becomes visible when the sun goes down. Bioluminescence is a magnificent feat of nature where living organisms create light. It can be done by fish and glowworms but, in the case of Holbox, it’s bioluminescent plankton that light up the shallow waters and beaches.

July to January is the best time to see bioluminescence in Holbox due to having fewer daylight hours and, since we were visiting in November, it was the ideal time. However, the other thing to know is that the bioluminescence is more visible in darkness and thus brighter around the new moon. The brightness of the full moon means you can’t see it so well.

So, for that reason, the luminescence is more impressive depending on when you visit during the month. We visited about a week after the full moon so didn’t have the brightest views but we still enjoyed this unique Holbox activity. We were picked up around 5am by our guide and driven to the lagoon where we had a chance to swim with the luminous plankton and learn about astronomy from our guide.

If the early morning isn’t your favorite time to wake up on vacation, I don’t blame you! You can also do evening tours after the sun has gone down to this famous Holbox attraction.

Related activity #1: bioluminescence snorkeling tour 💰 Cost: $42 per person | ⏰ How long? 1.5 hours | Book online with Viator

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Walk rescue pups

One of the best things to do in Holbox – with an ethical focus! – is help to care for rescue animals at Refugio Holbox Animal Sanctuary. Although you can pop in any time to see the dogs and cats, what’s especially needed is volunteers to walk the dogs. There are lots of them and, since the staff are all volunteers, they value the extra sets of hands.

Come to give the dogs a walk between 8-11am and 5-8pm. The staff will pair you up with a dog, give you a poop bag, and see you on your way. My sister and I had a fun time, doing some Holbox sightseeing and watching sunset with cute dogs in tow!

Refugio Holbox Animal Sanctuary

The shelter opened when local, Morelia Montes, chanced upon a baby raccoon that had lost its mother and nursed it back to health. The experience convinced her to start a sanctuary so no other animals would go without food, shelter, and care.

Note about raccoons – they’re a common resident of Holbox and you can often spot them at night. My sister and I were very excited since we had never seen one before.

Other options aside from the daily walks include volunteering to clean kennels, bathe the dogs, make a donation, or even volunteer longer term (for example a whole month – how amazing would it be to spend a month on Holbox!), OR adopt a dog into your forever home.


Holbox isn’t a surfer’s paradise: the waves are too tame. But this makes it the perfect place for beginners to practice other watersports like kiteboarding and kitesurfing. It’s a year-round activity on Holbox.

This mix between surfing and flying a kite is a fine art but it’s not as difficult as it looks. The best place to try it on the island is Kukulkite. The professional team will kit you out with all the equipment and teach you what to do. For learning a new skill in paradise, this is one of the best things to do in Isla Holbox for sure!

Beach hopping

beach hopping isla holbox attractions
Playa Holbox

Playa Holbox: as the name might suggest, this is the main beach on Isla Holbox. It’s certainly not a secluded refuge; in fact, it gets quite crowded (so go early if you want it to yourself). But with white sands and shallow, crystal-clear waters, you can’t blame everyone for wanting to be here!

The waves are gentle so it’s the perfect beach if you’re not a strong swimmer. The waters are actually super shallow and, even if you walk out for 5 minutes, you’ll still only be waist-deep!

Playa Punta Cocos: although it’s just 1 mile from Playa Holbox, you’ll notice that this beach is quieter and less crowded than Playa Holbox. The busiest time of day is sunset when this west-facing beach is visited by sunset hunters. You can rent a sunbed and there’s lots of natural shade in the form of trees and bushes if you don’t want to pay for shade.

Cycle there in 10 minutes, walk in 30 minutes, or get a golf cart taxi for 100 pesos.

Playa Punta Mosquito: the furthest beach from the town is the trickiest to access but the most sublime. Isn’t that always the way! It’s not somewhere you can hire beach chairs and there are certainly no restaurants here. Also, you may get eaten alive by mosquitos! I would recommend visiting to experience it, not for a beach day. More details to come…

Kayak among mangroves – bright and early!

kayaking mangroves holbox activities

Chilled island days are all well and good but there are plenty of memorable Holbox activities if you don’t mind getting up early. One fun activity with fantastic scenery that I think you’ll remember for years is kayaking amidst the Holbox mangroves.

For those that don’t know mangroves, these trees that tend to grow in salt water are commonly found around beach locations. They grow in forests, providing unique habitats for animals. In a relatively unpolluted zone like Holbox, the wildlife-rich mangroves are truly magical to explore.

During a 3-hour tour with a guide, you can cover 6km of the mangrove channels starting from Rio Kuka. Birds you can hope to spot include flamingos, ospreys, herons, egrets, and plenty more.

Book your mangrove kayaking tour here

Hire a bicycle and explore the island

Cycling around holbox

Holbox isn’t a place where you’ll get anywhere fast but luckily, there’s no need to. Most of the places to visit in Holbox are close together so it’s easy – and fun – to cycle between them. Also, there are no cars which makes life way easier and safer for cyclists!

Countless places in town have bicycles for hire. Your accommodation may also have some that you can hire for free or for a small cost.

Hire a buggy to explore the island

The only type of vehicle you’ll find on Holbox is a golf buggy. Hiring one for the day is a fun way to explore the best things to do on Isla Holbox and reach places less accessible on foot.

Generally, golf carts cost around 1,000 pesos for 3 hours; 1,500 pesos for 6 hours; or 2,300 pesos for 12 hours.

Saying that, hiring a golf cart on Isla Holbox is more disruptive to the environment than walking or riding a bicycle so consider whether it’s essential. If you really want to do it, ensure to stick to the roads and don’t go too close to the coast where you’re more likely to destroy flora and fauna. Instead, park an appropriate distance from the natural attractions on Holbox and walk up to them.

Walk the Punta Mosquito sandbar and spot wildlife

Punta Mosquito sandbar

If it’s amazing, photo-worthy places on Isla Holbox that you’re seeking, then don’t sleep on Punta Mosquito! Located at the northern tip of the island, this beach is connected by an idyllic sandbar. Few people make it out here because it’s a tough 45-minute walk along the sandbar in the sun with no shade.

You may be lucky to spot wildlife including flamingos and other birdlife. Just make sure to look out for string rays when walking in the shallow water – don’t step on one!

Getting to Punta Mosquito: it’s about 2.5km each way from Holbox town. Start at Hotel las Nubes de Holbox and walk through the water towards the famous beach. This takes around 45 minutes and can only be completed on foot. You’re walking through water (usually only ankle-deep) and no bikes or golf carts are allowed.

Make sure to come well prepared with water, sun protection, mosquito spray etc because there’s absolutely nothing around.

Spot flamingos

Seeing flamingos things to do holbox

Despite only having 1,200 people, there are some very famous residents of Isla Holbox: the flamingos!

The best place to see flamingos is the Punta Mosquito sandbar (instructions for visiting above), but you may have luck at Punta Coco.

My top tip for seeing flamingos on Holbox is to bring your camera if you have one. My camera is nothing special but has a zoom lens which really gives you an advantage compared to phone photography!

Flamingo info – flamingo season is April through October. We were there in November and I’ve also heard of people seeing them in December.

Horse ride 

At a loose end around sunset? For an idyllic thing to do in Holbox, take a late afternoon horse ride. Not only is this the most beautiful time of day to explore the island but it’s cooler for you, and the horse.

You’ll get to roam further afield than on foot and explore beautiful natural sights on the island like mangroves and flamingo colonies.

Tours generally take around 1.5 hours starting from around 5pm, depending on the season.

Spend a night at the Hot Corner

Hot corner

There aren’t any crazy clubs on Holbox; it’s not that kind of island. However, one of the best things to do in Holbox at night is head to The Hot Corner for a couple of casual drinks and live music. It’s not a fancy bar but it’s a fun, social place with good vibes.

We ended up here most nights after dinner for a nightcap.


If island life hasn’t left you feeling chilled enough already, yoga could be just the ticket. You can try group classes, private classes, couples yoga… Even catamaran yoga! There are plenty of classes and spiritual experiences you can try too like cacao ceremonies and sound healing.

The two best yoga studios on Isla Holbox are easily Yoga Holbox Studio and Yoga & Salmah Wellness Studio.

Snap a photo with the Holbox sign

Holbox sign

If you’re doing any boat trips, for example the Cabo Catoche one, you’ll be departing from beside the ‘grammable Holbox sign. There’s no ‘L’ so you can be the L! As you can see, I smashed it 😉 Time to quit the day job!

Spy a killer sunset 

Watch sunset what to do holbox isla

The best thing to do on Isla Holbox when the sun goes down is catch a killer sunset! A convenient place near the town is Playa Nelsy, facing west. People congregate here each evening and vendors sell food and drinks. It may be a touristy spot (you can tell because the fresh coconuts being sold cost 100 pesos!) but it’s undeniably beautiful.

Unlike many places in Mexico, it’s not a big problem to drink outside on Holbox. So you can pick up a few beers from any store and enjoy the views with a sundowner in hand.

But you don’t have to visit this specific sunset spot. Many of the main places along the beach offer sunset views. You just have to swim or walk out into the water a bit to see it to your west (left from the main beaches near the town).

The photo above left was taken from La Playa De Ñaña (restaurant and beach club). So gorgeous!

Compare it to a Holbox sunrise

Although Holbox is more associated with sunset views, the island actually benefits from spectacular sunrises, too. East-facing places on Holbox for sunrise include:

  • The Marina – you can snap fantastic photos from the small wooden docks
  • The pier – the arrival point to Holbox offers great early-morning views.

Try SUP (paddleboard)

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun activity anywhere in Mexico with gentle waves (best avoided in pro-surfer destinations!). There are several beaches on Holbox ideal for beginner paddleboarders. It’s up to you whether you want to practice with an instructor, go solo, or take a tour instead to explore the island from the water.

For tours, options include a paddleboarding tour around the wonderful mangroves or a sunset mangrove tour. Another option is paddleboarding with the mesmerizing bioluminescence (remember this will be better around the new moon). I don’t think you can go wrong with either!

Mayan massage 

Have you ever had a Mayan massage before? If not, now could be the time! Massage therapy was a widespread practice in Mayan culture, referenced in texts several thousand years old.

Mayan massages are gentle, focusing on the abdominal area thought to be central to healing. Considering this is the area that houses your organs and muscles that connect the rest of your body, it seems no surprise the Mayans saw it as an essential place linked to emotion and power.

Getting a Mayan massage is a popular thing to do on Holbox and a relaxing one, too. If you’re down for a cultural, pampering combo, many salons on the island offer the service such as Selene Maya Massage and Palapa Luna Blanca.

Beach club day 

Isla Holbox is a relatively affordable place to have a beach club day compared to some destinations in Mexico. At La Playa De Ñaña, there’s no set fee, just a minimum spend of 500 pesos ($30) on food and drink.

Since the food and cocktails were tasty, we considered this a good deal and spent the whole day relaxing on comfy beach beds in the shade, in between dips in the sea, of course. The perfect day!

Other popular beach clubs are Las Nubes, Capitán Holbox, and Posada Mawimbi.

Spot street art 

Street art things to do holbox

Before visiting Isla Holbox, the street art was already on my radar. I’m always seeking out street art around the world! I love how it conveys messages and tells stories about its destination.

Like the art I’ve recently seen in other Mexican coastal destinations like La Paz and Puerto Vallarta, the art in Holbox features the amazing sea creatures that call the surrounding waters home. The turtle mural above is on Avenue Pedro Joaquín Coldwell near Las Panchas restaurant.

street art whale shark

I forget the exact location of the whale shark mural but I’m sure you can find it. The artist is Parley who I can’t find much info about, apart from their collab with American artist, Kenny Scharf, painting surfboards in an effort to end marine plastic pollution.

Foodie things to do in Holbox

This is a section I include in most of my blogs, largely because of who I am as a person. I know my fellow foodies will appreciate it!

If you’re hungry, here’s what to do on Isla Holbox…

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Explore the best restaurants

There are SO many great places to eat on Isla Holbox. A few of my favorite places are:

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Try a lobster pizza

Having a lobster pizza has become something of a rite of passage in Holbox! Roots Pizza is the most popular place to try it (but I believe Pizzeria Edelyn was the first place to begin serving it) but you’ll find other restaurants serving it now, too.

It’s a bit expensive around 800 pesos, but that’s lobster for you! One option is to share it with a friend then go for some street food. On that note…

Try Holbox street food 

If the upmarket restaurants in Holbox are making you feel out of pocket, this is where to eat on a budget. After several fancy but lovely meals with lots of cocktails, we were ready to go back to our roots (AKA being cheap!).

In the central square, there are several food trucks that pop up at night. There’s a wide variety with lots of typical Mexican street foods to try. Being near the Yucatan, you can try typical dishes like cochinita pibil, slow-roasted pork in a yellow sauce made from citrus. It’s so tasty!

We even found veggie-friendly dishes. Although it’s not as cheap as the street food in Mexico City I’m used to, it’s certainly the most affordable place to eat in Holbox, apart from Mercado Municipal. This local market is a great place to shop for souvenirs, useful beach items, and cheap and cheerful food.

Take a cooking class

You’re in Mexico so you can’t go wrong with a cooking class! I always love taking these when I travel to learn about the food culture from a local chef… And eat loads, obviously! This Mexican cooking class is a fun thing to do on Isla Holbox, concluding with a 4-course meal with drinks, following a trip to the local market and a demo on how to use typical Mexican cooking equipment.

In a small group of up to 10, it’s a fun way to meet other travelers ad try some new flavors.

Note about the famous Holbox hammocks

A few years ago, these were all over the place! Not only were they super Instagrammable, but chilling in an ocean hammock was a great way to relax and unwind.

However, most of them have been removed as of 2022. So, if you’ve read other blogs where they’re listed as a Holbox attraction, know this is probably out-of-date info.

Tips for visiting Holbox

  • ATMs are unreliable – it may be worth withdrawing on the mainland and bringing your pesos with you because the ATMs are often out of cash by the afternoon which means there’s a long line to use them in the mornings. In my experience, I found the most reliable one to be this CIBanco between the town and the pier. More places are starting to accept card but many still don’t so you will need cash!
  • Shopping and markets – I don’t highly recommend shopping on Isla Holbox because prices are inflated compared to other destinations in Mexico. We saw several items we’d seen in Mexico City markets for 5x the price!
  • Wi-Fi and data – I didn’t find mobile data signal to be strong in Holbox, and also the Wi-Fi sucked at our hotel… But perhaps that was because it was one of the cheaper places in Holbox! Something else to note is that I couldn’t find anywhere to top up my phone. I have an OXXO sim card and there was no OXXO store (which is also where you can top up Telcel sims). So make sure you have enough data before leaving the mainland!
We’ll never forget the Holbox brunches!


Is Holbox worth visiting? Yes! Holbox is worth visiting especially if you need to slow down and have a few beach days. It’s one of the most idyllic places in Mexico with wonderful wildlife. There are many things to do in Holbox despite its small size, or you can just relax! It’s truly magical.

How long to spend on Isla Holbox? If you’re wondering how many days is enough on Holbox, I would suggest at least 3 days. This means you can do the full-day Cabo Catoche trip as well as the half-day trip to the 3 islands, still leaving time to relax or do some other activities in Holbox.

When is the best time to go to Holbox? December to March is generally the best time to visit Holbox because the weather is perfect: not too hot or rainy. By May, the temperatures reach 96°F (36°C) then, rainy season comes from June to October.

Is Isla Holbox safe? Yes, Holbox is one of the safest places in Mexico to travel to. I felt very safe as a woman here. Like anywhere in the world, don’t flash cash or valuables, and beaches are always best avoided at night especially if alone. Other than that, just relax and enjoy your trip!

Is Holbox expensive? I would say it’s not as expensive as Cancun, Tulum, or Playa del Carmen, but more expensive than other destinations in Mexico, and even places on the Yucatan Peninsular like Valladolid and Merida. Accommodation starts from $25 USD. In local prices, you can get coffee for 50 pesos, and meals in restaurants from 150-250 pesos.

Is there seaweed on Holbox? Like other beach destinations on the Yucatan Peninsula like Cancun, there’s, unfortunately, a problem with sargassum (seaweed) on Holbox. When I visited in late 2022, I didn’t notice any but I hear in 2023, there’s more arriving on the beaches.

What is Holbox known for? Holbox is known for its beautiful beaches, secluded nature, and wonderful wildlife from flamingos to whale sharks. Run don’t walk!

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