30 Best Things To Do In La Paz, Mexico

what to do la paz mexico

I’ve just got back from a fantastic trip to Baja California and I’m sure it won’t be my last. I’m here to share what to do in La Paz including what & where to eat, where to find the best beaches, and other useful tips to help you have an amazing trip.

What is La Paz, Mexico like?

Before my visit, I’d heard good things about La Paz yet it still exceeded my expectations. If you prefer a small city to a sprawling, hectic megacity (looking at you, Mexico City and Guadalajara!), I think you’ll love La Paz. It’s walkable with wide sidewalks in most places so you can easily get around without spending time stuck in traffic or navigating public transit.

what to do la paz baja california

Another reason to visit La Paz? It’s so colorful! The streets are splattered with vibrant paint as well as incredible street art which I’ll mention later.

There’s little crime in La Paz so, combined with the bright streets complete with murals of cute animals, it feels super safe and relaxed. The Malecon is bustling in the evenings so, even as a solo woman, I felt safe walking around after dark.

With great restaurants and cafes, La Paz is a fantastic base to explore the surrounding area. There aren’t THAT many things to do in La Paz city but that’s no problem: most travelers visit for the beautiful beaches and islands nearby. I’ll cover these in this La Paz travel guide!

Where to stay in La Paz

Hostel – we enjoyed our stay at Casa Esterito, a small family-run hostel in the Esterito area, around a 15-minute walk to the city center. Each morning, there’s free coffee and a delicious, healthy breakfast. Book from $20 a night.

Budget hotel – check out Casa Jardines for a budget place to stay with aircon and an outdoor swimming pool! Book from $30 a night.

Mid-range – Hotel Posada Luna Sol is a quirky, colorful casa is the dream with an underwater theme, swimming pool, and beautiful rooms in Mexican style. Book from $80.

Splash out – you can’t beat Hotel Cathedral with its year-round pool, sun terrace, and huge airy rooms. Find it within a beautiful old refurbished building in the heart of the downtown. Don’t miss the highly-rated breakfast! Book from $120.

Things to do in La Paz city

Although most of the famous La Paz attractions are located in the surrounding area, I decided to start this blog with what to do in the city itself. This will likely be your base for at least a few nights – and a very nice one at that!

Around your day trips, don’t miss the following…

1. Find street art

street art la paz

As a huge fan of urban art, I had the La Paz street art murals on my radar before even arriving. Like the best street art, most pieces tell stories about their location. In this city beside the sea, the theme is clear: wildlife, sea creatures, and conservation.

Turtles, dolphins, sea lions, whales, and many types of fish can be seen on the streets around Mijares and Mutaliismo. Most of the pieces were brought to life during the Cuidad Mural project in 2017 by Colectivo Tomate. Despite being six years ago now, the murals are still looking great!

whale shark mural

Have fun wandering around and spotting murals independently or, for a more organized approach, take a guided walk with Street Art LPZ for 450 pesos.

2. Walk the Malecon

Malecon sunset things to la paz

During the summer months, the Malecon of La Paz is pretty empty during the day. Once the sun goes down, the locals come out, transforming this seafront strip into the beating heart of La Paz.

The park pictured below (left) with a bandstand is an especially atmospheric place surrounded by towering palm trees. The restaurants on the Malecon tend to be expensive and aimed at tourists (don’t worry, I have plenty of better and cheaper joints to suggest coming up) so I’d recommend perching yourself on the small strip of sand that hugs the boardwalk then eating elsewhere.

With the sun dropping behind the ocean, easily the best thing to do in La Paz at sunset is take a leisurely walk along the Malecon.

3. Go statue-spotting

For a fun activity in La Paz, stroll the Malecon and see how many quirky statues you can find. Just like the murals, all these works of art have a sealife theme specific to La Paz.

Don’t miss the Escultura Paraíso del Mar sculpture featuring a woman and a dolphin spinning around a globe. I also like the jumping whale and the reflective pearl in a giant shell.

4. Shop and eat at authentic, local markets

local market

From boutique shops selling beautiful handicrafts to cheap and cheerful local markets full of life, there are a few places to visit in La Paz for shopping opportunities. These are:

Mercado Bravo – set back from the seafront several blocks, this busy local market is a hidden gem – at least where tourists are concerned. With around 50 years of history, it’s where the locals shop for groceries such as meat, fruit, veggies, fresh flowers, and more. You’ll find cheaper and fresher fruits than at any Sumesa or Chedraui, alongside snacks like empanadas and fresh juices.

Mercado Francisco I. Madero – this market downtown is a great place to shop for souvenirs, buy fresh produce, and eat authentic Mexican dishes like pozole. Prices are affordable!

Shopping at Casa Parra things to do la paz

For beautiful souvenirs, visit Casa Parra near the cathedral. This house with colorful papel picado flags fluttering in the wind is packed with beautiful Mexican art and typical textiles, and jewelry. Prices are high but the items are quality.

5. Sundowner drinks

sundowner drinks what to do la paz evening

The sunsets alone are a valid reason to visit La Paz. Each evening, the sun dips behind the ocean while scores of locals and foreigners watch from rooftop bars or the budget option of the Malecon. A few sundowner locations I can personally vouch for include:

Seis Uno Dos: this is an upscale rooftop bar with great cocktails and other beverages. Prices are a little on the high side, as is to be expected given the location and spectacular ocean views. The gin cocktail was delish, and there are cheaper beers if you’re on a budget.

Republica Pagana: this brand-new venue with an artistic roof terrace has to be seen to be believed. Guests get their own window bar and mini swimming pool! Cocktails and small plates start from 250 pesos.

Republic pagana rooftop bar
Republica Pagana

Mariscos El Molinito: this popular seafood restaurant is located at the far end of the Malecon, a little out of the tourist district making it an affordable place for a sundowner. The terrace is the place for drinks, while the downstairs becomes a busy seafood restaurant packed with locals once it gets dark.

6. Experience nightlife in La Paz

Mezcal bar evening activities in la paz mexico

There are several things to do in La Paz, Baja California, at night and most of them involve mezcal!

The nightlife in La Paz is no match for that of Cabo San Lucas but, unless you’re looking for a specific type of party holiday, you probably don’t need it to. There are several places to go in La Paz to enjoy a night out such as:

Mezcaleria La Miserable will even impress mezcal connoisseurs with its wide range of drinks served by knowledgeable bartenders. If you’re new to the agave-based beverage, order a flight to work out what you like. They also have mezcal cocktails and Oaxaca-style snacks like chapulines (salted grasshoppers that are nicer than they sound!).

Mucho Gusto: tacos and mezcal are what’s hot at this bar translating as ‘good to meet you!’. The staff are certainly friendly enough to warrant the name. Top dishes include the queso fundido and barbacoa tacos, all washed down with Oaxacan mezcal, of course!

Harker Board Co: we first noticed this bar when we were walking below and a rope-pulled trolley began transporting food between two rooftops with a street between them! Despite the strange system, it’s a cool bar and restaurant with fantastic ocean views, tasty ceviche, and quality cocktails. Get the jalapeno margarita!

7. Visit Cathedral Nuestra Señora 

Cathedral Nuestra Señora 

Like many cities in Mexico, the main touristic attractions in La Paz are centered around the central plaza and cathedral. Nuestra Señora is an 18th-century cathedral with a simple design and spacious interior. Take a few moments to wander by, peep inside, and soak up the atmosphere of the sunny square boasting beautiful plants and, because it’s Baja, cacti too!

Museums in La Paz

I love how well the city of La Paz blends culture with relaxation and nature. If you choose to take a break from boat trips and beach basking, here are a few cultural things to do in La Paz, Mexico…

8. Whale Museum

Want to know more about the majestic sea creatures you’ve hopefully seen while visiting La Paz? The Museum of the Whale and Marine Sciences has skeletons of these marine giants along with explanations about their evolution and the threats they face today.

Not only will you learn about whales, sea lions, sharks, dolphins, and turtles, but you’ll also support their conservation with your entry fee (60 pesos) and anything you choose to buy in the shop. They have great t-shirts for 280 pesos and locally-made kombucha with a whale tail logo.

The staff are friendly and passionate and can give you explanations in English and Spanish.

Open from 9am-2pm daily (closed Sundays).

Tip – go for lunch after at TacoFish just around the corner. Order the shrimp and cheese burrito!

9. Art Museum

The small Museum of Art a few blocks from the Malecon is worth a stop while sightseeing in La Paz. After learning entry is free, I headed straight over there (love anything free!). Even the exterior is arty with these cool lamp posts on a checkered floor. Inside, there are temporary and permanent exhibits from local artists that capture the spirit of La Paz.

I liked the ocean-inspired ‘Ventanas’ exhibit by Oliver Martinez with texturized paintings and a 3D sand exhibit. I was also impressed by the enormous timeline mural by Victor Cauduro showing the history of La Paz from indigenous groups to today’s world of tourism, real estate, and selfie-snapping tourists. After seeing so many Diego Rivera murals in Mexico City, I can get lost for hours in these long murals.

Victor Cauduro mural

Finally, there’s a gift shop and coffee bar. Although there’s nowhere to sit, I spied an espresso machine so I think the coffee is good.

Open 11am-7pm, closed Mondays. There’s no entry fee, making it a fantastic free thing to do in La Paz.

10. Regional Museum

Baja California Sur Regional Museum covers the anthropology and history of Baja California from animals that inhabited the region 2 million years ago like wooly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers to early people who lived in the region. The rooms toward the end cover Spanish invasion and revolution.

The museum has artifacts and 3D scenes to spark your imagination. It’s not the most captivating museum I’ve ever visited (but then I have been to the amazing Anthropology Museum in Mexico City so competition is high!) but it’s a decent place to spend an hour learning about Baja.

Signs are in Spanish only but there are QR codes you can scan for English, but I think it’s easier to take a photo on your phone and tap ‘translate’.

Open 9am-6pm daily. Entry costs 75 pesos.

11. Visit the new Frida Kahlo Museum Garden

frida garden

While visiting the new branch of Doce Cuarenta Cafe (more about my obsession to come) in early 2024, we stumbled across this beautiful new garden museum inspired by Frida and Diego’s old home, the Blue House in Mexico City’s Coyoacan neighborhood. Having been here several times, I loved the similarities.

Entry to the Frida Garden Museum is 160 pesos and there’s a beautiful gift shop selling quality items. Spend 30 minutes in the pleasant sunny garden then stop for coffee next door at Doce.

frida garden places to visit la paz baja california

Things to do near La Paz, Mexico – beaches and islands

Although I enjoyed exploring the colorful, cultural city of La Paz, it’s not what I came for. I suspect most travelers intend to explore beyond the city and discover the incredible coastline of Baja California.

Some landmarks near La Paz that should be on your radar are…

12. Visit Balandra Beach

Balandra beach la paz attractions

If I had to choose my number 1 attraction in La Paz, I would easily pick Balandra Beach. Despite having traveled to places known for spectacular beaches like Thailand and the Philippines, I think this is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever visited!

What makes Balandra so special? The shallow, crystal clear waters, the white sands, the arid surroundings peppered with cacti, the curving views from the cliff beside it… This place is truly a slice of heaven!

What to know before visiting Balandra?

There’s some important info that could spoil your day if you miss it! Balandra operates with two time slots: 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm. There’s a maximum capacity of 450 guests per slot. So, on weekends and peak season, ensure you arrive towards the beginning of either time slot before capacity is reached.

At 11.45am each day, guests are required to leave the beach and there’s an hour before they can re-enter. It’s important to note there’s no shaded waiting area and cars aren’t allowed to sit waiting directly outside the gate. My friend and I, who were traveling without a car, intended to wait but it quickly became clear we would burn to a crisp out in the desert so we headed back to La Paz.

waiting at balandra
12pm when some brave guests were already waiting to go back in

Although the system feels slightly inconvenient for those hoping to spend a whole day at the beach, I respect Balandra’s approach to sustainable tourism by reducing the number of visitors.

Other things to note when visiting Balandra:

  • There’s no food or drink sold at Balandra so make sure you bring your own (and take home your trash, obviously).
  • There are only a few wooden umbrellas along the beach and we didn’t manage to nab one (I don’t think foot passengers usually do because cars overtake them between the entry gate and the beach) so make sure to bring your own umbrella if you like shade.

Getting to Balandra Beach from La Paz: you have three options of driving and parking at Balandra, taxing a taxi (around 200 pesos by Uber, InDrive, or local taxi), or catching the local bus from the main terminal on the hour for 65 pesos each way.

Please NOTE that the Google pin for Balandra takes you to a random parking lot in La Paz so be careful when following driving directions or calling a cab. This is the right location for Playa Balandra.

13. Take a boat trip to Isla Espiritu Santo

snorkelling iIsla Espiritu Santo activities la paz mexico

My ultimate favorite day while visiting La Paz, Mexico, was spent swimming, snorkeling, sea lion-spotting, and cruising around Espiritu Santo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage island. This craggy volcanic island benefits from the beautiful weather and warm waters typical of the Gulf of California.

It’s also an animal lovers’ paradise. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to wildlife, it’s likely you’ll see sea lions, turtles, and dolphins – and that’s just outside of whale-watching season!

rock chair Isla Espiritu Santo

It’s admirable how much thought La Paz has given to sustainable tourism. To visit Isla Espiritu Santo, you need to be traveling as part of a boat trip with the right permits, thus preventing the island from becoming overcrowded.

Sitting on the beach as our guide prepared us fresh ceviche, I declared to my friend ‘This is the best day of my life!’. Perhaps a bit dramatic but I can’t think of much that tops seeing wild dolphins and turtles, snorkeling, AND eating ceviche!

Our guide took us on a short ‘hike’ on the island, passing a natural rock formation shaped like a chair, then past some huge cacti. The dry desert scenery right by a beautiful beach is a contrast I’ve rarely seen before.

Since visiting Isla Espiritu Santo is easily one of the best things to do in La Paz, I recommend booking a boat trip as soon as you can! They generally depart the harbor around 10am, returning around 4pm. Many vendors sell tickets or you can book in advance online.

💰 Cost: $106 per person | ⏰ How long? 6 hours | Book on Viator.

14. Visit more beaches around the peninsular

Although Playa Balandra was easily my favorite beach in Baja, there are plenty of others to visit if you have time. Most of these are located northeast of La Paz, a 20-40 minute drive from the city.

Some of the best beaches around the Sea of Cortez include…

Playa tecolote places to visit la paz

Tecolote: this is an easy playa to visit because, unlike some of the more tranquil beaches, there are abundant sun loungers and umbrellas to rent (expect to pay around 200 pesos per bed for the day), several restaurants, and water sports equipment for hire. The bus from La Paz drops off and picks up throughout the day.

Playa Pulguero Tepetates: away from cell signal and best accessed via a 4×4 vehicle, this is the best beach nearby La Paz if you’re looking to get off the beaten track. Just be sure to bring everything you need for the day!

Playa Pichilingue: slightly closer to the city than the above beaches, this is another popular spot comparable to Tecolote with restaurants, sun loungers, and watersports. An easy beach to visit if you don’t want to preplan by packing your own food, drinks, and umbrella for the day.

Playa El Tesoro: this beach is a hidden gem close to La Paz. Despite not being the busiest or best-known beach, it has all the necessary amenities should you choose to spend the day there.

Active things to do in La Paz, Baja California

If you’re the kind of person who takes trips to explore and try new things, rather than relax on the beach, you’ll be happy with all the La Paz activities on offer. Some fun and energetic things to do, taking in the wonderful nature around Baja, include…

15. Sea kayaking

Kayaking on the Sea of Cortez is an idyllic way to spend half a day, especially in the winter months when it’s not too hot. There are plenty of places near La Paz where you can hire a kayak, but the easiest one for beginners is Balandra Beach because the water is shallow with few waves and no motorized boats. Expect to pay around 300 pesos (15 USD) an hour.

Another beach where you can hire a kayak is Tecolote. For an idyllic experience kayaking through the mangroves and incorporating both Balandra and Tecolote, see this guided Viator day trip.

16. SUP paddle boarding

sunset paddle boarding

Another fun thing to do in La Paz is hire a paddleboard and test your skills by trying not to fall in! Again, the gentle waves make Balandra the perfect beginner spot.

Many tourism agencies in La Paz organize guided paddleboard excursions at different idyllic locations, or will loan you a paddleboard to take where you wish (although this is best if you have a car because they’re bulky to carry).

17. Sandboarding at El Mogote

Adrenaline lovers will relish the chance to ride the dunes at El Mogote, the peninsula that juts across La Paz Bay. The fine sand creates the perfect base for boarding, with views of the Sea of Cortez and cactus-peppered hillside as a sublime backdrop.

What to bring sandboarding at El Mogote: light clothing (it gets hot) and sun protection. Shoes are recommended in the middle of the day when the sand’s hot.

💰 Cost: $82 per person | ⏰ How long? 6 hours | Book online with Viator

18. Kitesurfing La Ventana Bay

La Ventana Bay lies 30 minutes down the coast from La Paz. It’s the best destination for kitesurfing in Baja thanks to the northerly wind that blows from November to April, peaking in January and February. It’s a popular hub with locals as well as Americans and Canadians fleeing winter.

Kitesurfing in La Ventana is even suitable for beginners. Afternoon is the optimum time to kitesurf which gives you plenty of time to make it from La Paz to La Ventana.

19. Scuba diving

diving in la paz

The Sea of Cortez is truly a fantastic place for diving filled with abundant, well-protected sea life from sea lions to turtles, dolphins, whales, and abundant vibrant fish. It’s even dubbed by some ‘the aquarium of the world’.

With visibility of 100ft (30m) and pleasant temperatures throughout the year, it’s far from a challenging place to dive. Qualified divers can expect to pay around US $180 for day excursions including 2 dives, and even non-divers can take discovery dives at shallower depths.

Diving around Isla Espiritu Santo Island is, of course, the most popular location near La Paz. The months from May to October offer the best visibility.

20. Cycle around La Paz

Active types visiting La Paz can take advantage of the flat cycle paths that run around the city, and out towards the beaches.

The 5km Malecon complete with a cycle lane offers cyclists the chance to take a leisurely bike ride around the whole city. It continues down the coast towards the beaches and, if you’re feeling really energetic, you can even cycle all the way to Balandra, although part of this is on the road after the cycle path ends.

If cycling sounds like a fun thing to do in La Paz to you, head to Thunders Bikes, TIM Rent a Bike, Desertbikes, or Bici-Rentas to hire a set of wheels for the day.

21. Horseback riding

There are several places to try horse riding near La Paz but few better than at a traditional ranch. Here, you can see how a traditional ranch runs, get to know the horses, and take a ride on the beach.

One such place is Rancho San Lorenzo, a typical working ranch where you can observe daily life at this 1,000-acre reserve in the desert. Find it nestled between the mountains and the Sea of Cortez close to Balandra Beach.

Wildlife things to do in La Paz, Baja

For many, the chance to see majestic wildlife is the ultimate appeal of visiting Baja California. Some La Paz activities I think you’ll like include…

22. Whale watching in Magdalena Bay

whale watching best things to do la paz baja california

From mid-January to March (with the peak month being February), there’s little debate as to the top thing to do in La Paz. Whale-watching steals the show! I did this for my birthday in early 2024 and it’s something I’ll always remember.

The greatest migration of any animal sees whales travel up to 14,000 miles from the Arctic to the warm, nutrient-rich waters of Mexico and back. Witnessing this wonder of nature is a truly mesmerizing experience!

Boat trip from Puerto Chale

A unique thing about Grey Whales is that they often come right up to the boat, earning them the name ‘the friendlies’. We weren’t that lucky but we did see several majestic whales swimming by us, and even a head and tail flipping out of the water.

In whale watching season, numerous tour companies visit Magdelena Bay to spot whales. The drive from La Paz takes 2.5 hours to Puerto Chale, a small fishing village where you’ll board a boat. Given the long drive there and back, set aside a whole day for this activity. Browse whale-watching tours with Viator.

23. Swim with whale sharks

snorkelling with whale sharks

Lovers of marine life wondering what to do in La Paz, Baja, can add another mesmerizing wildlife experience to their list. Again, I can personally vouch for this activity having done it in January 2024 for my birthday.

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These plankton-guzzling sharks (not to be confused with whales, although the name causes plenty of confusion!) visit the Baja waters along their migration route. Reaching up to 50ft in length, they once shared a planet with the dinosaurs and remain unchanged by evolution. I can safely say that swimming alongside them has been one of the highlights of my travels!

Swimming with whale sharks can be done between October and March. This window is longer than that of Grey Whale watching (mid-Jan to March) so, if you’re visiting in fall or early winter, you can still get close to some giant sea animals during your trip.

💰Cost: $150 | ⏰ How long? 3 hours | How to book? On the Viator website.

24. Sea lions at Los Islotes

Although the topic of Baja marine life is almost synonymous with whales, they’re not the only mammals worth spotting. There are more than 700 sea lions that call the region home.

The two key islands for seal lion spotting are Los Islotes and San Rafaelito. These uninhabited craggy islands out at sea are natural protected areas, best circled around by boat. Our tour to Isla Espiritu Santo included a stop at San Rafaelito.

It’s possible to snorkel with the sea lions in La Paz from October to May. From June, when mating season begins and the male sea lions become aggressive, you can still admire them from the boat. In the following months, you may be lucky and see newborns!

Foodie things to do in La Paz

The only thing I love more than travel is food… Or, to be specific, traveling for food! There’s so much amazing food in La Paz (especially seafood) so I decided to include eating as an activity in La Paz.

Don’t miss…

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25. Find the finest fish tacos in town

fish tacos
Here are some of the best seafood tacos in town…
  • Mc-Fisher – delicious, affordable fish tacos and ceviche. Our all-time favorite place!
  • Asadero Rancho Viejo – fish and shrimp tacos covered with peppers and onions, served with lots of salsas and sides.
  • Marisqueria Los Plebes – yummy seafood prepared in unusual ways for example, a cheese gratin inside a seashell, and seafood curry.
  • Oyster House – THE place for fresh oysters, clams, fish tacos, and other creative dishes including Asian fusion gyozas.
  • Mariscos El Molinito – a busy, local joint serving amazing Mexican seafood dishes and some of the best ceviche in town.

26. Try the international food in La Paz

  • Made Pizza Bar – the newest pizza place in town serves amazing wood-fired pizzas with a huge range of toppings, plus starters and desserts with fresh, quality ingredients. The well-stocked bar produces local and international wines, craft beer, and cocktails. We LOVED our meal here even if the food took quite a while to arrive.
  • Casa Nopal & Tiger Club – delish Southeast Asia cuisine! Creative small plates are served with quality wines; I loved the orange wine from Baja Norte’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region.
  • Hana Sushi Mx – the best sushi in town! Treat yourself to the chef’s sampler for 450 pesos.
  • D’Thai – while waiting for a table at Made Pizza, we befriended the owner of this place. Although slightly out of town, it’s worth a visit for the authentic Thai food and affordable prices. Don’t miss the boba tea!

27. Sample Baja craft beer

There’s good news for beer fans: some of the best Mexican craft beer is brewed in Baja! Although Baja Brewing Company‘s factories are in Tijuana and San Jose del Cabo, their beers can be found all over the peninsular, the country, and even in the US.

The best places to visit in La Paz for craft beer are…

  • Cerveceria Paceña – an atmospheric brewpub open from 6pm daily. Pick 4-8 types for a tasting flight.
  • Pacific Brewery – a cool bar near the Malecon with hazy IPAs, lagers, pilsners, and the rest.
  • Baja Bonita Cervecería – a smaller bar with a good selection of craft beers and ocean views.

28. Develop an addiction to Doce Cuarenta Cafe

We came to Doce Cuarenta for coffee and cinnamon buns almost every morning, and when we left for Todos Santos, we went to the branch there every day! We were truly obsessed. I don’t know whether it’s the cool venue, strong coffee (along with other drinks like matcha tonic, kombucha, and craft beer), or the cool merch, but I was hooked!

29. Take a cooking class

Not content with eating all the amazing food in La Paz? Try making it for yourself during a cooking class. This Mexican cooking workshop led by a local chef ($70) takes place at a farm-to-table restaurant where you’ll tour the veggie and herb garden before whipping up FOUR Mexican dishes and enjoying them with a cocktail.

Things to do around La Paz, Baja California

If you’ve explored the city and nearby beaches to your heart’s content, there are plenty of places on the Baja California Peninsular that you can easily reach.

Top tourist attractions near La Paz include…

30. Take a day trip to Todos Santos (or stay overnight)

There are three pueblo magicos on the Baja Peninsular but the most charming is Todos Santos. What this small settlement on the west side of the peninsular lacks in swimmable beaches, it makes up for with buckets of charm and many an Instagrammable quirk, like this pink cactus wall!

Soak up amazing views by hiking to the top of Punta Lobos, try your hand at surfing (the large waves make it a popular destination, unlike La Paz where the waves are meek), shop at the many markets, and enjoy the food scene. There are some great restaurants in Todos Santos; don’t miss oysters at Oystera and affordable seafood tacos at La Paceña (the scallop ones for 40 pesos are divine!).

You can drive between La Paz and Todos Santos in just over an hour but we took a bus in 1 hour 40 minutes. You can buy tickets at the bus station or book on 12go.

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31. Hiking Sierra de la Laguna Mountains

sierra de laguna

For a challenging but unforgettable experience, try hiking in the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range located around 70km from La Paz. With over 900 plant species and a unique microclimate due to elevation and rainfall, the majestic Sierra de Laguna mountains are distinct from anywhere else on the peninsular.

The highest peak is Picacho de la Laguna with over 2,000 meters of elevation, but there’s no need to go for gold. There are several easier trails to choose from which are all well-signposted. However, going with a guide is recommended for those new to the area.

November is the best time for hiking as the rainy season (July-Sept) has ended. It can take 2 hours to reach the park by car from La Paz so it’s not the easiest day trip but it’s certainly worthwhile. If you’re visiting Cabos, you may choose to do the hike from there as it’s closer.

FAQs about La Paz

What is special about La Paz? The mix of city pleasures and beautiful nature make La Paz a truly special city.

Is it worth going to La Paz? Absolutely! La Paz is a great city with fantastic natural attractions surrounding it so, whatever you’re into, it’s worth visiting La Paz.

Is La Paz walkable? Yes, La Paz is a walkable city and that’s part of what I liked so much about it!

sundowner things to do la paz
Until next time, La Paz!

Do you need a car to visit La Paz? No, it is a walkable city with decent public transport, so you do not need a car to visit La Paz.

What shouldn’t you miss in La Paz? In my opinion, the absolute BEST things to do in La Paz, Mexico, are whale watching, visiting Balandra Beach, and taking a boat trip to Isla Espiritu Santo.

Is La Paz or Cabo better? It’s my opinion that La Paz is better than either Cabo (San Lucas or San Jose) if you like cities that aren’t overly touristic and resort-orientated. La Paz is far more affordable than Cabo, plus I loved the colorful street art. However, if you’re all about fancy resorts, you may prefer the Cabos. And, if you like nightlife, Cabo San Lucas may particularly appeal.

Does La Paz have swimmable beaches? Yes, there are many beaches suitable for swimming in La Paz due to its location by the Sea of Cortez and the Gulf of California. Compared to other locations in Baja California like Todos Santos, San Jose del Cabo, and Cabo San Lucas with bigger waves more suited to surfers, it’s by FAR the best for swimming.

How long should you spend in La Paz?
While you could explore La Paz in a day, you’ll probably want to spend at least 3 days experiencing the surrounding area. If you want to hit a lot of different beaches, a week would not be too short!

Is La Paz expensive? Not compared to Cabo, Tulum, and Cancun which are some of the least affordable places in Mexico. As destinations go, La Paz is fairly affordable. You’ll find fish tacos from 35 pesos ($2)! Saying that, many of the popular activities in La Paz are aimed at tourists, for example boat trips and whale watching excursions, so costs quickly add up if you want to see and do a lot.

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I hope you have a better idea of what to do in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico!

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